Model Reina Westberg Allegedly Pregnant With NFL Pro, Richard Sherman’s Baby

Reina with Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is once again the subject of explosive social media gossip as he enters free agency and is still reeling from the fallout of his DUI arrest.

The NFL player is accused of cheating on his wife, Ashley Moss, and becoming pregnant with another woman. Reina Westberg has been identified as the alleged side chick.

The model got into an argument with another Twitter user, who also brought singer Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson, into the fray. The curious Twitterati now wants to know who Reina Westberg is and who her baby daddy is. Here’s everything you need to know about this model and the controversy that has surrounded her.

Family of Reina Westberg

Reina Westberg was born in Seattle, Washington on November 7, 1996. She is one of Leda Becker’s two daughters.

Reina has a sister, Nazione West, who lives in Seattle as well. Westberg’s children call her aunt.

Leda, West and Westberg’s mother is married to Terry Becker. Terry Westberg, Westberg’s stepfather, revealed that the future Instagram model graduated from Nathan Hale High School in 2015, where she was a track athlete and was set to attend the University of Washington.

Allegations Made by Reina Westberg Against Richard Sherman

A fiery exchange on Twitter sparks controversy as allegations of infidelity involving two married NFL players surface. Reina Westberg, an Instagram sensation, finds herself at the centre of the storm.

The Players Involved:

Richard Sherman and Ashley Moss: A Closer Look

Richard Sherman, a renowned cornerback formerly of the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, faces scrutiny alongside his wife, Ashley Moss, following his recent DUI arrest.

Reina Westberg: An Instagram Model Under the Spotlight

Despite her limited social media activity, Reina Westberg commands a substantial following of 33.2K on Instagram. Recent revelations about her pregnancy further intensify the spotlight on her affairs.

Unveiling Rumors and Allegations:

Speculations Surrounding Westberg’s Pregnancy

Speculations swirl regarding the paternity of Westberg’s unborn child, with rumours suggesting Sherman’s involvement. The alleged affair ignites a frenzy within NFL circles.

The Twitter Showdown: Unraveling the Drama

A heated exchange erupts on Twitter between Westberg and another user, triggered by a purported phone call from Westberg’s sister. Accusations of infidelity fly, amplifying the controversy.

Unraveling the Social Media Trail:

Insights from Westberg’s Social Media

Westberg’s online activity, including a revealing pregnancy shoot and a contentious baby shower video, provides glimpses into the unfolding drama. Mentions of Russell Wilson further fuel speculation.

Claims and Counterclaims: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Amidst the chaos, unsubstantiated claims emerge linking Westberg’s friend to Russell Wilson. However, no evidence corroborates these assertions, shrouding the narrative in uncertainty.

The Silence and Speculation:

Awaiting Responses from the Key Players

Despite the uproar, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, and their representatives remain silent on the matter. Meanwhile, Westberg refrains from addressing the mounting speculation, leaving the situation ripe for further conjecture.

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