Antonio Garza

Model Antonio Garza’s Is Now On The List Of The Most Influential Trans Figures In The World!

Antonio Garza’s sexuality is one of the most often debated issues on her social media accounts. On the internet, there have been various discussions about her sexual orientation. On the contrary, devoted Garza fans may be seen defending the celebrity for her decision to keep her sexuality hidden.

The YouTuber, on the other hand, has remained silent on the subject. Regardless of her gender, she has carved out a niche for herself in the glam world and is dominating it.

Is Antonio Garza a transgender person?

According to multiple sources, Garza identifies as a transgender woman. The YouTube sensation is reported to have been born as a guy who later transitioned to a girl. While the famed fashionista hasn’t verified this, her name is regularly used when talking about notable LGBTQ people.

At that point, the inspiring 18-year-old was included in Vogue’s list of notable Queer makeup artists “disrupting the beauty industry from the comfort of their bedrooms.” She was also causing havoc in the beauty sector. Her YouTube supremacy was recognized with a Shorty Award in the beauty category at the 11th Annual Shorty Awards.

The reputable fashion magazine refers to Garza as a “trans beauty influencer” in the article, implying that she is a trans woman.

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She dropped out of school to pursue her dream

With her Valentine’s Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look, Antonio Garza launched her YouTube account at the age of 16. To pursue a career on YouTube, the teenage makeup artist dropped out of high school. Being on YouTube while still dedicating a substantial amount of time to school was putting a strain on both of her responsibilities at the time.

Her grades were suffering as a result of her online presence, and the time she spent in school meant she wasn’t paying enough attention to YouTube. So she made a decision and went with what brought her joy—YouTube.

Garza recently revealed with her admirers how therapeutic it was for her to be on YouTube. The trans beauty influencer talked about suffering panic attacks in the video and how YouTube helped her create her online safe zone.

Antonio Garza’s Professional Background

The YouTube sensation soared to stardom after releasing her video “9th grader makeup transition” on April 28, 2018. Garza is known for her makeup abilities, editing, and sense of humor among her admirers.

As of this writing, the 18-year-collaborative old’s video with YouTube sensation James Charles is the second-most-viewed video on her channel. However, immediately after their collaboration video, Charles ridiculed Garza’s Coachella clothes, and their friendship ended.

Antonio Garza has come a long way since his YouTube days as a teenager. In addition to becoming a popular beauty influencer, she has also launched her clothing brand and collaborated with Champion. Paid product placement on her Instagram and YouTube channels accounts for the majority of the star’s earnings.

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