Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish And His Wife Both Keep Their Work Sealed On The Office And Don’t Talk About It In Dinner!

Michael Smerconish of the Michael Smerconish Program may appear to be able to talk about politics all day, but work-related topics are barred at home.

The legendary radio broadcaster is married to Lavinia Smerconish, and the couple has four children together. Lavinia had a daughter from a previous relationship, Caitlin, but after marrying Michael, she gave birth to three sons.

Michael and Lavinia are both very career-oriented people, but when they’re with their kids, they can’t talk about work.

The couple tries to keep their jobs out of the conversation at the dinner table

Michael is a family man, as seen by his interviews and social media family images. When questioned about dinner talks since he had four children in 2016, he said that they are the same as any other family.

They all make an effort to eat dinner together as often as possible. Furthermore, he talks about politics so often during the day that he has lots of chances to get it off his chest by the time he comes home. As a result, the dinner table is strictly dedicated to catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and the world, as is customary in a regular family.

He also mentioned a chat he had with his second kid at the dinner table about getting his second son a voter registration form when he turned 18. As a result, that was the main topic of discussion at dinner.

Lavinia, his wife, maintains her professional life hidden from anybody outside of work, including her husband, whether or not she has signed a non-disclosure agreement. She keeps her professional life so private that when she sold a house to her husband’s former law partner, he didn’t find out until the partner came over to praise her for the smooth transaction.

Even though they keep their professional lives private, they find other topics to discuss. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the pair has been together for more than 25 years.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smerconish are both extremely successful in their respective fields

Michael is a radio and television host in the United States, as well as a newspaper columnist, author, and lawyer. He presents the Michael Smerconish Show and contributes to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday news section. In addition, he has written seven books to date.

Among his many accomplishments, the 58-year-old radio broadcaster is praised for providing fascinating and thought-provoking debates on current political issues.

Lavinia, on the other hand, is a seasoned real estate agent with a reputation for integrity. She has a reputation for always looking out for her client’s best interests and excelling at what she does because of her deep industry expertise.

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