Michael Joseph Jackson The First Son of King of Pop-Short Biography

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., aka Prince, enjoyed all the royalties in his life as the son of the King of Pop.

However, that is not what distinguishes this youngster. He is committed to leaving a legacy and is currently involved in his enterprises and charity endeavors.

The Net Worth of Michael Jackson after his Death

Michael Jackson, Prince’s father, still has a net worth of $500 million. Not only that, but he remains at the top of the list of the highest-earning dead celebrities.

Michael surpassed other late superstars such as George Harrison, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, and Bob Marley to become the highest-paid dead celebrity in 2020. Michael’s income was predicted to be $48 million that year. The majority of his profits are derived from his Mijac Music portfolio and his long-term contract with Sony.

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His profits from the music catalog and his multi-million dollar deal with Sony are so lucrative that he has held the top-earner title for eight years in a row.

The Net Worth of Michael Jackson after his Death
Michael Jackson Estate and Neverland Ranch

Through his father’s legacy, Prince is helping people

By providing access to co-curricular educational activities, Prince’s Heal Los Angeles Foundation helps collect cash for excellent education and value to low-income Inner-city adolescents. In addition to stressing an active and healthy lifestyle, his foundation provides the resources to get an education.

Prince Jackson and his charity have recently hosted online culinary classes for primary school students.

Michael Jackson’s merch is utilized to help raise revenue for charities and services as part of the King of Pop’s humanitarian efforts.

Does His First Son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., often known as Prince?

Before he died in 2009, Michael Jackson established a trust for his children, Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson, Jr., Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II.

The details of the trust are a little too complicated to go into, but the main provisions of the trust were that Michael’s three children would receive 40% of his assets, which would be divided evenly among them.

His mother, Katherine, received 40% of the proceeds, with the remaining 20% going to other children’s organizations.

That wasn’t the only thing. The children were also scheduled to receive allowances until they reached the age of 21, after which they would get one-third of their authorized trust money when they reached the ages of 30, 35, and 40.


The Prince Is Emerging From His Father’s Shadow

23 is an excellent age for establishing one’s place in the world. Prince’s production firm, King’s Son Production, is doing precisely that. His production company assists in the realization of projects ranging from short films and music videos to full-length feature films.

With the production company, he hopes to keep his father’s creative spirit alive by assisting other brilliant artists in realizing their ambitions.

He’s also not subtle about the production’s name. Prince said in an Instagram video that while his father was the ‘King of Pop,’ and he was the ‘Prince,’ he had to earn the title, and his production company was accomplishing just that.

Under his label, Prince also created his sister Paris’ music video, and he was overjoyed to showcase the results of his effort.

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