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Meet Travis Browne – Ronda Rousey’s Husband Including His Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Ex-Wife, And More!

One of the UFC’s most formidable couples is Ronda Rousey and her husband, Travis Browne. After dating for almost two years, they were wed on August 28, 2017. Travis Browne appears to be living the good life with a net worth of $500,000 and a recent marriage.

Without a question, Ronda Rousey is one of the most well-liked UFC champions of the present. The multi-talented MMA and judoka also performed as an actor in popular movies including Entourage and The Expendables 3. She rose to prominence and became a role model for young girls and women all over the world thanks to her deadly skills in the ring, attractiveness, and strong attitude. Rousey’s fighting spirit is stronger than ever, and she is prepared to recover from her most recent professional setback.

The 30-year-old Olympic medallist discovered satisfaction in her personal life, despite the fact that her work situation may not be so favorable. After a series of high-profile romances, Rousey finally found solace in Travis Browne, a fellow UFC fighter.

On August 26, 2017, Rousey and Browne were wed in Hawaii. Here are three delicious and fascinating details about Ronda Rousey’s husband, Travis Browne, including his biography, age, and wealth, for people who are curious about who she is married to.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are first. began dating in late 2015

Rousey and her husband maintained their relationship for almost 15 months! Rousey moved on with Browne after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend and fellow UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. The two were seen out and about together several times. Browne was still married at the time, so rumors started to circulate. Jenna Reneé Webb, his former wife, criticized the duo for talking behind her back.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne made their connection known to the public, and after she was photographed last year wearing a sizable diamond on her ring finger, they were even said to be engaged. The couple was required to conceal their relationship for six months since Browne was the subject of an ongoing domestic violence investigation. The gorgeous couple is currently married and largely controversy-free.

Recently, a Bellator fighter by the name of Michael “Venom” Page harassed Rousey on Twitter following her shocking loss to Amanda Nunes, much to the chagrin and disgust of her boyfriend. The heavyweight champion raced to Page’s aid and declared him to be his opponent.

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His career suffered as a result of the domestic violence accusations

Rousey received a lot of backlash for dating a married guy when she revealed she was seeing Browne. Kaleo and Keawe, the two gorgeous youngsters Browne has with his first wife Erin, are evidently very dear to their father. After Webb accused him of domestic violence in July 2015, he and his fitness model ex-wife went through a contentious divorce.

On social media, Browne’s ex-wife posted pictures of herself that looked to show numerous bruises all over her body. After an investigation, Browne was immediately barred from participating in the 2015 edition of International Fight Week by the UFC. He was later reinstated, though, after “inconclusive evidence” was discovered by an outside investigator.

Despite the fact that Travis Browne was exonerated in this case, Rousey’s outraged supporters continued to accuse the brave fighter of dating a reputed “wife-beater” despite the horrible allegations. It’s hard, it’s terribly hard, she finally said after being silent.

I strongly oppose domestic violence. But I am aware that he accomplished nothing. Now that I’m in a relationship with someone who appreciates and cares for me, I’m wondering, “What should I do?” Why can’t people have any faith or trust in me that, despite appearances, I would make the right choice and be with a good man?

He had a difficult childhood and is a UFC fighter

Travis Browne, an accomplished MMA fighter who is 35 years old, has built a reputation for himself over the years. The 6’7″ towering boxer began his career playing basketball after being born on July 7, 1982, and growing up in Hawaii. Fans will find reading Travis Browne’s wiki to be interesting after discovering that the #10 heavyweight’s father was a gang member.

Before his father passed away from alcohol-related issues when Browne was 10 years old, Browne spent a significant portion of his youth being exposed to drugs and gang violence. Before being exposed to Brazilian jujitsu at the age of 26, the 240-pound warrior had no prior knowledge of martial arts. Travis Browne’s small $500,000 net worth is not surprising given his stellar 18 wins to 6 loses record, and it is certain to climb now that he is married to Ronda Rousey.

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