Gianluca Cugnetto

Meet Gianluca Cugnetto, Hannah Waddingham’s Partner – He Is A Drinks And Food Guru!

The British actress Hannah Waddingham has captured the hearts of millions with her magnetic performances. The Apple TV+ comedy series Ted Lasso features the Primetime Emmy Award-winning personality, who is well-liked for the part she plays. Since 2000, the English movie star has worked in the entertainment business.

There are a few facts about her that you might not know except the fact that she is a talented actress. For example, what about Hannah Waddingham’s partner? Are there any kids they have together? So, continue on to the end of this article to get some fascinating details regarding Ted Lasso actor’s private life.

Together for More Than Ten Years

The Into the Woods actress has been the subject of one enigma, namely, whether she is married. She has been with her partner Gianluca Cugnetto for more than ten years, thus the answer is no. Fans of Waddingham must already be aware of this information, though, as the two have gone to numerous open events together. Their history of dating and their initial meeting are still unknown.

The girlfriend of Gianluca Cugnetto frequently posts his photos online, but she never marks them or shows his face. Romper claims that Hannah Waddingham’s boyfriend once posted articles about her on his Facebook page. However, it appears that the posts were removed from his feed. Despite everything, the two are incredibly close and supportive of one another.

Has there been any wedding news considering the couple has been dating for more than a decade? Who knows, maybe they have it in the works.

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The Partner of Hannah Waddingham Is A Hotelier

The partner of Hannah Waddingham has a completely unrelated background. The Italian man comes from a restaurant-owning family. Gianluca, who calls himself a “food & drinks guru,” is an accomplished hotelier, according to numerous articles. He has vast expertise and specializes in providing top-notch customer service. He has held positions at hotels in Dubai, Cyprus, and the Maldives.

Hosco reports that the charming man works as Chateau de Codignat’s general manager. He also previously worked as the Hotel Du Vin’s manager. The entrepreneur then vowed to elevate the hotel to the top spot in Brighton. Additionally, the food and beverage expert was previously the director at The Sheraton and Le Meridien in Dubai. In addition, he spent seven years working in London, the Caribbean, and the Maldives.

Cugnetto appears to have had significant career success despite this. He must have also accumulated a large chunk of money.

Father to a beautiful daughter

The stunning actress gave birth to Kitty, their first child, in 2014. The two have busy schedules and frequently travel while working to various locations. Gianluca’s girlfriend used to frequently bring their kid to the set.

In addition, Kitty suffered from severe illness as a child. A condition known as Henoch-Schonlein purpura, an autoimmune disease, was discovered in Hannah Waddingham’s young daughter (HSP). The syndrome results in little blood vessels being inflamed. The actress once said she wanted to work even if becoming a mother was her top concern. She jumped at the offer to appear on Ted Lasso, whose filming location was only a 30-minute drive from her home. Hannah later admitted that the series had rescued her because she was able to spend more time with her priceless child as a result.

To remind Kitty that she is never away from her until there is a legitimate cause, the actress even displayed her Emmy trophy in her chamber. It is clear that the Cugnetto-Waddingham couple values and prioritizes their relationship with their little daughter.

However, the spouse of Hannah Waddingham is prospering in his career. He also cherishes his romantic relationship with his stunning partner and his role as a father. We hope the Ted Lasso actress and her partner have a solid relationship.

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