Funky Dineva

Meet Funky Dineva And Learn About His Age, Drugs, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Relationships, And More!

Funky Dineva is a YouTube vlogger who is renowned for his YouTube series My Hair Is Layed Like. He makes reaction videos on music, reality TV shows, fashion, and gay rights as a YouTuber.

Because of his vlog’s popularity, he was offered a role on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. On the reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he used to provide recaps and opinions. People also knew him from his YouTube series, when he wore red lipstick and a wig. He worked as a corporate accountant before becoming a social media figure.

Bio of Dineva; Drug Addiction

Dineva was born in Florida on August 20, 1983. His true name is Quentin Latham, and on November 23, 2006, he created a YouTube channel called Funky Dineva.

Because of scandals such as labeling rapper Jay-daughter Z’s Blue Ivy unattractive, his prior struggle with drugs, a rent dispute with blogger Michelle Brown, and getting sacked from the TV show Sister Circle, he has become an infamous celebrity.

However, all of his controversy, as well as his YouTube series, have helped him earn renown. His comic timing and a good sense of humor in his YouTube series have gained him a lot of attention, not just because of his controversies.

Dineva’s net worth

He had previously worked as a correspondent for Kandi Koated Nights and hosted a conversation program for Sister Circle. With this, we may deduce that he has made a good living from his employment, but his actual net worth is unknown.

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Find out why Dineva was fired from the Sister Circle

Sister Circle, a new talk show on WXIA/WATL-TV, debuted with a popular blogger, Funky Dineva, but Dineva was unable to secure a spot on the show. The show was receiving negative comments and low viewership due to his history of unpleasant behavior toward women.

As a result, he was subsequently fired from his role as a DJ on the show. During the last two shows in October 2017, the audience had already noted his absence.

Who is the boyfriend of Funky Dineva?

Gay with pride As of now, Funky Dineva has said nothing about his connection. He did, however, reveal in 2011 that he was in a relationship but had been dumped.

A few years later, in 2013, he sent out some perplexing tweets. He had stated in one of his tweets that he was ready for a lover, while in another tweet he implied that he had no plans to enter another relationship.

Since then, he hasn’t shared anything on social media about his romance, implying that he is most likely single. But only time will tell whether he is dating or not.

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