D'Andra Simmons

Meet D’Andra Simmons And Find Out Her Age, Relationship Status, Parents, Family, And More!

D’Andra Simmons is a well-known Dallas socialite who inherited her mother Dee’s business acumen. She joined the family business after following in her parents’ footsteps. Then she married a military man who makes everyone else envious!

The Dallas native is a businesswoman, actress, and philanthropist who rose to prominence as an actress after joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas in season two.

D’Andra (Bio), Age, Parents, and Other Facts

D’Andra Simmons was born on March 15, 1969, in Dallas, Texas, to Dee and Glenn R. Simmons, according to wiki pages.

D’Andra, 49, grew up in one of the city’s most recognized and wealthiest families. Her father, Glenn, and uncle were self-made millionaires, which is why the Simmons name can be seen on a variety of structures throughout the city, including the medical complex and Southern Methodist University.

D’Andra works in their multimillion-dollar company with her mother, Dee

D’Andra’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in the 1980s, which was devastating. Because cancer treatments weren’t quite up to pace, she decided to take matters into her own hands, declining orthodox medicines such as chemotherapy and radiation in favor of a journey to organically cure her body.

Dee and her husband then consulted with top doctors, chemists, biologists, and other cancer experts before launching their own company, Ultimate Living nutritional supplements.

In the present, D’Andra has joined the company and is assisting her mother with the business. D’Andra has since developed her own beauty collection through the company: Good morning after a long night.

D’Andra Simmon’s Father Died At The Age Of 85

D’Andra’s father died of a heart attack in March 2013 while attending a board meeting in Las Vegas, at the age of 85.

She spoke with Dallas news while she mourned her father’s death. “She said,” she explained.

“He was a good Christian man,” says the narrator. “Everyone who knew my father adored him.”

The service was held at Dallas’ First Baptist Church, where he had been a longstanding leader.

Meet Jeremy Lock, D’Andra Simmons’s husband, and Master Sergeant

D’Andra Simmons is married to Jeremy Lock, a retired Master Sergeant of the Air Force who served in the US military for 21 years. On February 24, 2014, the pair married. Her spouse is the father of two children from a previous marriage, while she is the mother of one adult son from a previous relationship.

For his bravery in Iraq, Jeremy was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. He is also a well-known photojournalist who has received the Military Photographer of the Year award seven times.
Aside from his professional life, he’s also a loving spouse to D’Andra, who encourages and supports her every step of the way.

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In 2018, D’Andra Simmons and her husband celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary

D’Andra celebrated her four-year wedding anniversary on February 24, 2018, like a Real Housewife. She felt incredibly blessed to have a husband like Jeremy, surrounded by family and friends, including the entire cast of the RHOD.

She tweeted a photo of herself and her husband a day after their anniversary party, along with a lovely note dedicated to not just her husband, but all the people in her life.

Four years together and a hopeful outlook on the future is the kind of married life that everyone wishes for, but only a few get to experience. The husband-and-wife team is setting the bar high for couple goals!

D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken, who co-starred in ROHD, are great friends!

If you think D’Andra Simmons’ partner in crime is just her spouse, think again. She has a second collaborator in LeeAnne Locken, her co-star.

Even before D’Andra was cast on the show, the two had developed a strong friendship. They’re best buddies with each other!

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