Regina Lasko with Her husband

Media personality Regina Lasko’s Biography Including Age, Husband, Son, and Net Worth

Personality in the media Regina Lasko is best known as the better half of David Letterman, an American television personality.

However, due to a lengthy dating period, she took a long time to marry her partner. Even after that, the marriage was strained due to cheating scandals.

Is Lasko still married to her husband? If so, how did they overcome the difficulties in their marriage?

Wiki-Like-Bio of Regina Lasko

Lasko was born on November 20, 1960. She was interested in show business from a young age and pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

Beginning her career in low-level positions, the American journalist quickly rose through the ranks to the position of production manager. She was a production manager for the television shows Another World and Saturday Night Live.

And there’s more. She also served as the production manager for the NBC special Late Night with David Letterman: 7th Anniversary Special (1989).

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Husband desired More children

Even though the couple already has a Con named Harry, her husband revealed in a 2012 interview with CBS that he wished he had a girl child as well.

He stated that if he hadn’t been so gosh darn single-minded’ about his television career, he would have had more children.

Regina with her husband David
Regina with her husband David (source: biographies world)

David Letterman is a Married Television Host

Lasko met David Letterman during her time on NBC’s Late Night Show. Because they were in constant contact, the couple quickly fell in love.

Letterman and the TV personality began dating in 1986.

Her boyfriend was still living with his previous girlfriend, Merill Markoe, at the time.

David previously married his college sweetheart Michelle Cook in an intimate wedding ceremony in Indiana.

The couple divorced in 1977 and never had children together.

After Letterman joined CBS, things changed, and Lasko moved in with him.

Harry Joseph Letterman, the couple’s only child, was born on November 3, 2003.

They married after five years together.

Lasko and her beau married in March 2009 at Teton County Justice Court in Chateau, Montana.


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Husband Becomes Involved In Infidelity Claims

Lasko found herself in a terrible situation just six months after her wedding. David Letterman, her husband, was embroiled in a cheating scandal.

Regina’s newlywed husband revealed on his show on October 1, 2009, that he had been the victim of a blackmailing scam. He went on to say that the blackmailer had discovered his affairs and demanded $2 million in extortion to keep quiet.

As the case was being resolved, David’s mistress was identified as his longtime aide Stephanie Birkitt, and the blackmailer was identified as CBS producer Joe Halderman.

David admitted on his show that he had cheated on his wife, Regina, and even asked for forgiveness. He admitted that his actions had harmed Lasko and that it was his responsibility to clean up the mess.

And at that point, there are only two possibilities: either you’ll make some progress and get it fixed, or you’ll fall short and possibly not get it fixed, so let me tell you, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Despite the apology, Lasko and Letterman’s marriage was thought to be over, with the couple living apart for months following the infidelity allegations.

However, in the end, love triumphed as Regina chose to forgive her husband and save her marriage.

Following the incident, the couple has never made headlines for the wrong reasons and has lived happily ever after.

They’ve been living together while enjoying their wealth. Letterman has a net worth of $400 million, according to Celebrity Networth.

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