Linzey Rozon with her husband

Linzey Rozon is an Equestrian, as Evidenced by Her Instagram Photos

Linzey Rozon is more than a celebrity wife to Canadian actor Tim Rozon. She is an equestrian who competes in several horseback riding events.

If you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll see photographs of her racing around on her horses and competing in various competitions.

Learn more about Linzey Rozon, her passion for horseback riding, and her favorite horse in the video below.

Tim and Linzey Were Married When?

According to one of Tim’s Instagram photos from 2019, they have been married since 2015. He remarked, “Y4,” with a heart emoji, in the posts that showed the couple kissing ceremonially.

Tim is 44 years old right now, whereas Linzey’s age is unknown.

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Linzey and ‘Usefull’ Compete in Equestrian Competitions

We can notice that there is no mention of “Usefull” or any photographs of Linzey eventing if we go back a bit on her Instagram. There are no photos of Usefull available before February 17, 2019.

This could indicate that Linzey became interested in equestrianism in early 2019 and chose “Usefull” as her horse around the same time. They were already participating in competitions a month after he posted his first-ever photo on her Instagram.

Linzey Rozon with her husband
Linzey Rozon with her husband (source: Hollywood Celebrity News in Today’s Era)

Linzey shared a video of herself atop Usefull’s back at a tournament on Instagram on March 17, 2019. “Usefull & I in the classic today…” stated the caption of the post.

On March 23 of the same year, she shared another video with the message, “The target for 2019 has been met. I got into the 1.0’s. Usefull. 8th place out of 28!!!”

Since then, the Linzey-Usefull combination has competed in a variety of events, including the François Ferland medal and 1.0 mini Prix. They finished second in both tournaments.

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Linzey Rozon is a passionate Horsewoman

Linzey Rozon’s Instagram is primarily comprised of photos of her husband and her horse. They are occasionally found in the same photograph.

She rides a horse named “Usefull” and is an avid equestrian.

“Usefull” is a very distinct horse who will not be confused with any other horse based on his appearance. On his face, there is a white patch that runs from the top of his head to his nose.

Linzey, on the other hand, neither owns nor keeps “Usefull.” Allardyce Farm, a horse farm maintained by Jamie-Lee Allardyce, is his true owner. Jamie agrees that “Usefull” is a fantastic horse.


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On April 12, 2020, Allardyce shared a photo of “Usefull” on Instagram and offered her thoughts on why he was such a terrific horse. She stated in the caption of the post that he was the horse with the most potential.

My barn’s true unicorn is Usefull. He’s without a doubt the horse I’ve ever owned with the most potential. He understands exactly what he’s doing and always comes through for me.

She then went on to laud “Usefull” for his intelligence and wit.

For the past three and a half years, Usefull has been the best mentor. He’s wise beyond his years and is well aware of his attractiveness.

Finally, Allardyce joked that despite his passion for being an equestrian horse, “Usefull” enjoys spending his days eating with another horse named Spencer.

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