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Lil Skies Has A Number Of Tattoos Including The Name Of His Mother On His Face!

The soon-to-be-famous Lil Skies has tattoos all over his body, including his calves and temples, as well as a couple sprinkled throughout his face. In an interview with GQ, the young artist claimed that, while his mother recognized his passion for tattoos, she was initially opposed to his face tattoo.

On his body, the rapper has artistic depictions of his personal experiences, as well as a few (tattoos) that have no genuine meaning.

Skies started the honest interview by revealing how his early tattoos looked odd because of where they were placed. The rapper had tattoos on his hands and face, but he had hardly any tattoos on the rest of his arms.

The rapper gradually added portions to his physique. He received his first tattoo when he was 16 years old. Doctors had to amputate the leg of one of the rapper’s acquaintances who had contracted meningitis. In terms of mementos, Skies got a tattoo that read:

Face tattoos were frowned upon by his mother

When it comes to face tattoos, the ‘Dead Broke’ singer got three done at the same time because they didn’t hurt as much.

The rose tattoo on his left cheek was likewise done in a single session because tattooing on the face was less uncomfortable. Skies explained that he got his mother’s name, Shelby, tattooed on his face because she tried to stop him from having a face tattoo.

She was trying to persuade me to stop getting face tattoos, but I was always like, “I’m going to get one more,” so she couldn’t say anything.

Shelby had always been aware of her son’s tattoo and music obsessions, and how he would pursue them regardless of her feelings. As a result, she eventually came to embrace and appreciate the young artist for who he was.

The singer of ‘Take 5’ also has several symbolic tattoos on his hands. He wanted a daily reminder of the things that mattered to him, such as sacrifice, music, love, life, and, most importantly, himself, as he puts it.

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Lil Skies’ Tattoo Hero Is Wiz Khalifa

Skies also acknowledged in the interview that Wiz Khalifa had a big influence on him when he was younger. He appreciated the tattoos all over the ‘Black and Yellow’ singer’s body. Khalifa had tattoos that told his stories – the ones that influenced him.

Skies decided at a young age that he wanted to be just like his idol. Even though he had a lot of ink on his body, he conceded that there were still gaps between them.

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Aside from the tattoos already mentioned, the Today rapper has musical notes, skyscrapers, his favorite number 16, and a bust of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti inked across his torso. The last one on the list was a tribute to Tupac Shakur’s necklace, a hip-hop legend.

His tattoos aren’t all meaningful

He also has a few inconsequential tattoos. He has a yellow chicken hatchling on his left forearm, for example, when a man came to his house and offered to do it.

To that list, he has a smiley on his wrist, a locker on his calf, and a Playboy lighter on his other leg. A few tattoos on his body, however, have yet to be done.

The red dragon koi on his right arm is his favorite of all his body tattoos.

Skies enjoy getting through the agony of enduring the discomfort of having a tattoo, but he isn’t always at ease. Despite this, he stated his desire to have more colorful items placed on him in the future.

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