Sarah Silverman's Dating History With Her Boyfriend

Know Sarah Silverman’s Dating History With Her Cute Boyfriend

When they say that all is fair in love and battle, they didn’t have Call of Duty: WWII in mind. However, comedian Sarah Silverman, who has dated celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Sheen, discovered romance amid the pandemic through a computer game.

Silverman met Her Boyfriend while Playing Call of Duty

While many people explored their hobbies during the pandemic, the Ralph Breaks Internet star focused on expanding and diving into her video game collection.

Silverman hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2020. There, she admitted that as the world was shutting down around her, she felt it would be better to spend her time playing video games again. It seemed like the correct thing to do. She went to GameStop and bought a console and a couple of games, the most popular of which was Call of Duty: WWII.

During the show, she also stated that she was in a new love relationship with someone. However, that someone was not revealed at the time. However, she recounted how they discovered love through their mutual love of video games.

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When Silverman mentioned her interest in the game on social media, she said a man slid into her DMs and urged her to play. She recognized him because he was a colleague in the comic entertainment industry. They had not met at this point, but after cheering for the heroes at 7, they clapped some Nazi heads together.

We’d throw the pots and pans down the fire escape. It sounded exactly like a primal scream in a bunch. It was quite lovely to be in New York at the time. Then, at 7:05 a.m., I’d put on my headset and shoot Nazis with this guy.

And, maybe as much to her amazement as to others, they were dating exactly like that!

The mystery man eventually traveled to New York to stay with the comedian, and that is where we are now as a close and deeply in love pair. We now know the individual as the great comedian Rory Albanese, who was identified on a podcast in November 2020.

Silverman took to Instagram on February 10, 2021, and posted a nice image of themself.

Albanese is holding Silverman with his back to the camera in the photo. “It was then that I carried you,” she captioned the photo from the poem Footprints in the Sand.

The Funny Couple Laughing Their Way Through Love

Rory Albanese is a man who enjoys a good chuckle. He is a stand-up comedian, showrunner, and executive producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in addition to being a Call of Duty aficionado.

He had been in a long-term relationship with Reagan Baker before meeting Sarah, which ended in 2018.

Silverman’s Previous Relationships Have Been With Funny Men

Silverman ended her relationship with actor Michael Sheen in 2017 after nearly four years together. In response to the breakup, she stated that she had liked being alone and independent for so long.

Even when they were dating, she would frequently send Sheen away in the middle of the night because she cherished her alone time. Sheen, on the other hand, was perfectly fine with it.

When she appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2018, she revealed that she had remained friendly with Sheen.

Silverman and Kimmel were high-profile items in the entertainment industry for seven years, beginning in 2002. They were on and off during their relationship but never reached the stage of calling each other husband and wife. And, once again, they have remained on good terms despite the aftermath.

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