Know About Jocelyn Shaker, Is Jocelyn Shaker Alive? What is Her Story?

Jocelyn Shaker

Caitlin and her husband, Javier, search for their daughter, Jocelyn Shaker, in Colombia on Lifetime’s Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story. When Jocelyn goes missing, the family is vacationing in a Bogota resort.

And Jocelyn’s stepfather is being held responsible for her kidnapping. Many people wonder if this gripping Lifetime movie is based on a true story. Not quite. However, it is similar to the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. The true incident is revealed in Jocelyn Shaker’s wiki.

The Life of Jocelyn Shaker

In Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story, young Jocelyn Shaker was on a family vacation in Bogota with her mother, Caitlin, and stepfather, Javier. Javier is portrayed as a wealthy Colombian businessman eager to adopt Jocelyn as his child.

Jocelyn was allegedly sleeping in their hotel room while Caitlin and Javier were discussing a business investment with his business partner, Maria. Caitlin went to check on her daughter and discovered that Jocelyn was not present.

A frantic search for her in the hotel was fruitless, emphasizing the terrifying fact that Jocelyn was missing. Local police were called, and they, along with Caitlin, Javier, and some helpful locals, tried in vain to find the missing child.

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Is Jocelyn Shaker based on a True Story?

Is Jocelyn Shaker based on a true story? No, technically! It did, however, have several parallels to the true story of Madeleine McCann, who went missing while on vacation with her family in Portugal.

Then, in 2007, Madeleine, her parents, and her siblings took a vacation from the United Kingdom to Portugal. While her parents went out to dinner, she and her younger siblings slept in their hotel room. Throughout the investigation, her parents were seen as primary suspects.

The Lifetime version appears to be inspired by McCann’s case, which was one of the most widely publicized media stories in recent memory. Caitlin embarks on a personal crusade to find her missing daughter as she struggles to work with people in a foreign country in Abducted. McCann’s parents had also hired private detectives to find out what had happened to their daughter.

Colombian authorities arrested Javier and charged him with kidnapping the child after blood was discovered on his cuff and the bed where Jocelyn slept. Both parents in McCann’s case were accused of covering up their daughter’s death.

The Cast of the Jocelyn Shaker Story

Caitlin Shaker is played by Kathleen Rose Perkins, Javier is played by Kamar de Los Reyes, Maria is played by Marcela Mar, and Susanna, a police officer with whom Caitlin teams up to find her daughter and clear her husband’s name, is played by Eileen Roca Torralvo.


The suspenseful thriller captures the beauty and colors of Colombia. Was Jocelyn Shaker discovered? Jocelyn Shaker is still alive? What happened to Jocelyn Shaker? All of these enticing questions can be answered by watching Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story!

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