Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus Uploaded A Flashing Picture And Then Reposted Again For Hilarious Reaction!

Like everyone else at Coachella, Kirsten Titus was having a good time. She was having so much fun that she failed to realize she had exposed her privates on Instagram stories to the entire world.

But she soon recognized that after receiving a torrent of direct messages on her account. But she impressively owned her mistake rather than trying to hide it. With a humorous overlay, of course, Titus uploaded the identical image to TikTok, and the result was hilarious entertainment.

Once, then again: Kirsten Titus flashes

Titus shared a photo on her Instagram story on April 23. On April 18, 2022, she was adorably displaying the unusual fruit clothing she had on for the event.

Her side thighs were purposefully displayed by the short miniskirt dress she was wearing. She unintentionally gave up more information by posting a particular image, though.

She was posing for the camera while seated on a golf cart in the photograph. However, it seemed as though her privates were on display.

The TikTok celebrity quickly removed the photo after being alerted by fans who had immediately noticed the flashing. It took Titus a few days, but she eventually warmed up to the idea of discussing the incident. And rather of running away, she openly ridiculed what had happened and her innocence. On April 24, 2022, she uploaded a humorous TikTok that made everyone laugh at her fashion mishap.

She captioned the video, “I guess I need to deactivate my IG.” The Kid LAROI’s song “Thousand Miles” was playing when the video was being created.

She initially displayed her face, cynically grinning at what had occurred, as the text overlay read, “Show you then show your last error.” The video cut to the malfunctioning image at that point. The exposed area was, however, covered by a cutout of her face sporting the same sardonic grin as the prior cut. The video then displayed the numerous responses she received over the snap.

One text inquired, “What app am I on,” and was followed by shock and laugh-cry emojis, while the other read, “ooohh babes I love you but you might want to double check this one.”

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Another person added, “This is the second time you’re flashing us.” They even cracked a joke, saying that while they wanted to believe Titus did it on purpose, they knew it wasn’t intentional because she was “hella stupid.”

The majority of the comments were compliments on how she handled the situation, with a few jokes about her going commando at Coachella. One TikTok user wrote, “I appreciate that you handle it this way, this is why I respect and forever adore you,” and another added, “at least the girlies were watching out 4 u.”

Someone remarked, “coachella changed into coochella real quick,” while another said, “not the kirstussy,” to which Titus texted back that he couldn’t believe the brilliant joke. Another chimed up, “Not the pepperoni muffin!”

Someone who just asked, “No actually repost it I didn’t see it maam,” missed the entire incident. The video-sharing website flew them both away and allowed them to remain on the YouTube grounds. They even gave them upscale luxuries including specially prepared meals, a plush RV to stay in during their days at the festival, and constant access to snacks.

For the residents of the compound, they hired hair and makeup artists every day, and they even made special “things” for her and her best friend.

Titus spent the day conducting press conferences, photo sessions, and interviews while going to gigs at night.

Because of her high heels, the golf carts, which initially gave her nightmares, were actually quite useful to her. They were also given privileged access by YouTube Shorts so they could watch the performances from the front row.

When Titus donned the fruity ensemble for the third and final day of Coachella, she had a wardrobe mishap. She attended Doja Cat’s concert that day and uploaded videos to TikTok of her getting ready for the day, including her hair, makeup, and dress. Even more, the TikToker “exposed” herself by posting about everything she did online.

She freely acknowledged that she had altered photos to eliminate people from the background, paint her nails in Photoshop to match her dress, remove hair from her armpits, and make her photos appear to have been taken with a film camera.

She may have felt a little embarrassed because she was moving quickly throughout the entire process. But there was no harm done; it was only made into a humorous story.

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