Kazoo Kid

‘The Kazoo Kid’ is Finally Cashing In On His Decade-Long Obscurity

An old humorous TV commercial titled You On Kazoo!, portraying a little child joyfully playing the Kazoo, went viral in late 2015, 27 years after it first aired on TV.

The video gained fresh life, as did the main lead star, who became known on social media as ‘The Kazoo Kid.’

Kazoo Kid’s

If you’ve been a frequent social media user in the last several years, you’ve almost certainly seen a video, a gif, a photo, or a meme featuring a blonde bowl haircut boy known as ‘The Kazoo Kid.’

The commercial that made him famous debuted in 1989 as a TV commercial named You On Kazoo! to market the toy instrument Kazoo, which generated a buzzing sound with one’s voice. Nobody could have predicted that the ad would cause such a stir on the internet after nearly three decades with such amusing and hilarious memes and videos.

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Memes Aided the Kazoo Kid’s Regaining Popularity

For nearly three decades, You On Kazoo! was a dormant medium. The Kazoo Kid reappeared unexpectedly in 2011 as a five-minute ad piece on YouTube by Jim VanBlarium.

Later, in August 2014, a remixed and condensed version of the commercial received over 500,000 views and became a smash. Thank you to Dead VCR’s official channel for uploading the amusing video and appealing to the viewers. The film has received over 50 million views on the Platform as of January 2021.

A young boy enthusiastically playing the Kazoo
A young boy enthusiastically playing the Kazoo (source: Change)

The following phase of You On Kazoointernet !’s storm occurred in 2015 when one of the Reddit users published the video, which got a lot of attention and even resulted in various fan versions and revised mixes released on SoundCloud and YouTube. There were also multiple reaction videos to footage from popular YouTubers.

Countless remixes, memes, and parodies of the ad clip went viral, and Google searches for the Kazoo Kid skyrocketed. But, until 2016, no one knew who he was.

On January 7, 2016, a Twitter user going by the handle @penguin man97 disclosed the Kazoo Kid’s true identity in a tweet.

Brett Ambler was the strange boy in the blue t-shirt.

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Kazoo Kid grew into Kazoo Man

If you’re curious what the bowl haircut Kid looks like now, he’s an adult with a bearded appearance and short hair. In truth, Ambler is still active in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician.

However, because netizens were curious about him and his reactions to the event, he also did an Ask Me Anything section on Reddit. He penned:

“I Am Brett Ambler aka kazoo kid! AMA! I starred in “Special Friends: Starring You On Kazoo” in ‘89 and recently the internet found me out. AMA!”


Not only that, but the actor revealed that he still plays the kazoo rather well. The best part is that the 1989 original video’s kid artists had a digital reunion when the viral video sparked a short fad in 2016 called Kazoomania, in which people began purchasing the Kazoo.

Since becoming known as Kazoo Kid in 2016, Ambler has used the popular video to promote himself. He still posts videos on his YouTube channel playing other musical instruments in addition to the kazoo, keeping his strong Kazoo Kid character and interacting with the audience.

“Actor, Bespoke Song Writer, Kazoo Kid, General Monkey,” his Twitter bio boldly proclaims. Talent Plus in Missouri and Radical Artists in Colorado represent him.” He also has official Kazoo Kid products, allowing to the internet, which provided him with a second chance at fame.

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