Katie George With Footballer Delpiccolo

Katie George’s Freshly Tagged Photo with Footballer Delpiccolo Suggests a Wedding

Katie George, a sports presenter, has kept her love life a closely guarded secret. She’s mentioned being in a relationship once or twice in interviews, but there’s little to no information on her social media profiles.

Katie’s relationship with footballer Paolo John Prince DelPiccolo was disclosed in a recent snapshot in which she was tagged.

Katie’s Proposal by Paolo DelPiccolo

Katie was recently tagged in a photo by Luca DelPiccolo, brother of footballer Paolo DelPiccolo, in which the footballer is on one knee, potentially proposing.

Luca included images of his child, himself and his wife, and his footballer brother proposing to Katie in the message.

The tweet, with the title “2020 highlights,” was made on January 2, 2021. This indicates that the couple has been engaged since 2020. However, no information about their wedding or marriage has been released.

Katie’s Instagram Doesn’t Reveal Anything

Katie had done an excellent job of maintaining her privacy before and after the picture of the proposal went viral.

In many of her posts, the sports anchor has used comedy to conceal her dating status. In some of them, she is seen hanging out with a couple of her friends in a group. The anchor may be seen hugging trees and kissing wine glasses while declaring her love in these photos.

Katie George With HEr Husband Footballer Delpiccolo
Katie George With Her Husband Footballer Delpiccolo (source: Wendy Zook Photography)

In an interview with StyleBlueprint, the former Miss Kentucky USA stated that once the volleyball season is over, she plans to visit her boyfriend’s family in Denver. The anchor also noted that the couple enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

A tagged image of Katie with a bunch of pals is linked to this information. The photo was taken after they had finished skiing. Paolo happened to be one of the persons tagged in the snap.

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Katie and Paolo’s Background

In contrast to Katie’s Instagram, her boyfriend Paolo’s account features some images of the couple dating back to 2015.

The photo, which was posted on the professional footballer’s official Instagram, showed the lovely couple in a loving hug. Naturally, they were both beaming for the camera. Furthermore, the message acknowledged their relationship, with the footballer addressing Katie as his “boo,” thanking her for the birthday weekend.

Even though Katie keeps her social media accounts private, she couldn’t help but be the first to like and comment on the post.


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On Her Birthday, Paulo Expresses His Feelings

Unsurprisingly, Paulo also posted a now-deleted birthday message for his beloved. In the December 2015 photo, the couple posed for the camera wearing matching black and white clothing. As her lovely love threw his arms around her, the former Miss Kentucky USA posed like a diva with her hand on her waist.

Furthermore, the attractive hunk confessed that they had been dating for three years and that he adored her. Unfortunately, the couple did not spend their birthday together, so the boyfriend was looking forward to seeing the lovely blonde, according to the post.

In addition, the player recently shared a video of the couple on his official Twitter account. In the video, the two are at home, playing Spanish, a new game they devised in which they play tennis with spatulas.

Although there has been no word of the cute couple being married, it appears like the wedding bells are not far behind.

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