Kali Muscle

Kali Muscle’s Fitness Business is Expanding Thanks to Supplements and Merchandise

Chuck ‘Kali Muscle’ Kirkendall is a bodybuilder-turned-actor who has gathered millions of fans and followers because of his strong social media presence.

Kali Muscle has used his celebrity and fan base to expand his fitness company, thanks to his incredible figure.

He offers advice on how to have a great body and has even released his supplement called Hyphy Mud.

Kali Muscle’s Fitness Journey Began While He Was Incarcerated

The life of the 5-foot-9-inch tall bodybuilder was not the same as it is now. His mother and stepfather, who tortured him, raised him and his older brother.

The only thing that made him feel better was going to the local gym and participating in sports. Unfortunately, the relief did not stay long. The bodybuilder’s life took a U-turn after his brother accidentally killed himself while playing with a gun.

He became involved in illegal activity and began robbing residences and stores as a result of a financial problem. He was apprehended during one of his crimes and condemned to seven years in San Quentin State Prison.

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He spent his time in prison exercising weights at the prison gym. However, achieving a fantastic physique in prison wasn’t simple, owing to two factors: the prison’s food and the guards’ decision to remove weights from the gym.

Despite this, he gained muscle and eventually weighed around 230 pounds.

Ex-wife of Kali Muscle resurfaces, reigniting old drama
The ex-wife of Kali Muscle resurfaces, reigniting old drama (source: HollywoodMask)

How much money does Kali Muscle have?

The bodybuilder has a solid bank account thanks to the sales of his supplements, apparel, and YouTube revenues.

Regrettably, the fitness guru has yet to reveal his exact net worth.

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A Prisoner’s Life Outside the Walls

Around 2008, the former inmate departed San Quentin State Prison for good. He’d made up his mind that he’d never walk down that road again.

So, to get things off, Kali Muscle created his own YouTube page and began posting exercise videos.

He also leveraged his remarkable physique to land guest-starring parts as a bodyguard or bouncer in several TV shows and films.

He later entered the Mr. California competition in 2012 and won the title due to his well-shaped figure.


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Following his victory in Mr. California, he competed in several other bodybuilding competitions, attracting more viewers to his YouTube channel.

When his channel’s popularity grew, he began including fitness suggestions in addition to his usual training videos.

The bodybuilder’s reputation grew, and he developed a sizable fan base across various social media platforms. People were curious as to how Chuck Kirkendall got to be known as Kali Muscle.

As a result, on March 9, 2015, he released a memoir titled Xcon to Icon: The Kali Muscle Story, which chronicles the bodybuilder’s transformation from a young child with ambitions to a role model for millions.

Exercise Bundle, Get Big, and Shredded are three of the entertainer’s most well-known workout routines. He also sells Hyphy Mud apparel, such as exercise clothes, casual clothing, and accessories.

The bodybuilder’s life has altered dramatically, and he is eager to extend his fitness empire even further.

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