Julius Dein with Estelle Berglin

Is Julius Dein Still In a Relationship with Estelle Berglin? His ex-girlfriend Once Accused Him of Being ‘Fake’ and Abusive

Julius Dein’s YouTube channel has amassed millions of views as a result of his magic and pranks.

However, the magician found himself in a sticky situation when his ex-girlfriend, Madison Willow, posted a video in which she claimed that his magic acts were fake.

That’s not all; she also claimed that Dein abused her and took advantage of her while they were still together.

In the past, he was linked to other girls

Dein had previously dated a few divas, including British actress Amber Doig-Thorne. Although there is no official word on how long their relationship lasted, they began dating in early 2016.

In addition, the magician was rumored to be dating singer, Lauren Jauregui. They were seen leaving a club together in 2015, with Dein driving her home.

In 2017, the couple divorced

Dein and Willow began uploading prank videos and vlogs to Dein’s official channel in 2016. But it came as a surprise when the 26-year-old magician abruptly uploaded a video about their breakup in February 2017.

The couple described their first meeting in a three-minute video. Willow reportedly joined his team as an assistant but ended up being much more. Their fans were heartbroken to see their relationship end after the video was made public.

Willow had to return to the United States due to her grandmother’s serious illness, which was the reason for the separation. She also hinted that she might return to participate in Dein’s vlogs, but we all know that never happened.

Their first wedding anniversary
Their first wedding anniversary (source: Celeb Pie)

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After a few months, however, a plot twist occurred when Willow posted a shocking video in which she claimed she was verbally abused and exploited.

Dein dated Estelle Berglin after splitting from Willow.

Following her split from Willow, the social media influencer found love in Swedish model Estelle Berglin. They began dating in August of 2019.

Dein even took to Facebook on August 26, 2020, to express his joy at the couple’s first anniversary. He revealed in the post that they met during his show in Sweden in 2019 and that she immediately stole his heart.

“Happy 1st anniversary to my gorgeous diamond amazing girlfriend Estelle Berglin who stole my heart at my Sweden show last year,” he captioned.

“Congratulations for tolerating me for an entire year. You deserve a BIG medal ( all my friends will agree). Thanks for being my biggest supporter, my rock, my role model, and for making me a better person. I [love] you.”


Dein’s YouTube prank videos and vlogs frequently feature the duo.

Even during the lockdown, the couple kept viewers entertained with their funny videos, and it appeared that the two had found the perfect match in one another.

Though there have been rumors of a split between Estelle Berglin and Julius Dein, a picture posted on Dein’s Facebook in March 2021 commemorating 30 million subscribers shows that the two are still working together.

Because they haven’t removed any older photos of each other from their respective social media accounts, it’s safe to assume they’re both together.

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Willow’s Dein Video Has Gone Viral

In August of the same year, a video titled ‘The Truth About Julius Dein’ went viral on social media after the YouTuber’s ex-partner, Willow, uploaded it claiming verbal abuse allegations.

“If you have ever been taken advantage of or verbally abused, this video is for you,” she says at the start of the video.

She claimed in the video that the street magician approached her with a life-changing opportunity to be famous and appear in his videos. She took the risk as a young girl, but she regretted it every day.

She also stated that all of the videos and pranks in which she appeared were staged. She stated that the magician became a different person when he appeared in front of the camera, causing her to do inappropriate things by yelling at her and verbally abusing her.

Willow, on the other hand, tolerated it all because she was gaining popularity while also being terrified of him. Even after their split, she admitted that she was still afraid of him and didn’t know how he would react to her video.

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