Julian Casablancas Started a New Romance

Julian Casablancas Started a New Romance After Divorcing His 15-Year-Old Wife

Julian Fernando Casablancas, lead singer of ‘The Strokes,’ has found love with a roadie named Kaya after his divorce from Juliet Joslin.

He and his girlfriend have been together ever since.

Casablancas and Julian Had a Fifteen-Year Marriage

Casablancas and his wife, his former assistant manager, were married for fifteen years before divorcing in 2019. Cal, 10, and Zephyr, 5, are their two sons. According to a band spokesperson, the two separated “with love and respect.” According to the spokesperson, the former couple still got along for the sake of their children.

‘The Strokes’ released ‘The New Abnormal’ in 2020, their sixth studio album since 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine.’ Slower and moodier than the band’s previous work, ‘At the door,’ one of its songs, alludes to Casablancas’ divorce with lyrics like “lying on the cold floor… waiting for the tide to rise.”

Julian Casablancas with his love
Julian Casablancas with his love (Source: Broadway Shows)

In an April interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 41-year-old discussed fatherhood, admitting that he wants to shield his children from “intense darkness.”

The native Texan wanted them to take their lumps and experience enough reality and emotional truth to toughen them up and prepare them for the real world (concerning the pandemic.)

When asked if he was naturally nurturing, Casablancas replied, “I don’t think I had that as much before kids.”

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Casablancas’ New Love Interest is Nearly Half His Age

According to The Sun, ‘The Strokes’ frontman split from Joslin about a year ago and was adamant about keeping the split a secret. However, he has moved on and can no longer pretend it never happened. Kaya, who is in her early twenties, and the 41-year-old singer have been described as “inseparable” since they began dating.

They met on one of the band’s US tours and became closer after the singer divorced his ex-wife. They’ve been spotted together at several major events and concerts since then.


Despite their low-key social media presence, the couple is still going strong. Soon after making his new girlfriend public, the Reptilia singer has made certain that they are both enjoying the benefits of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

The couple was photographed at the Culloden Estate and Spa in Holywood, Northern Ireland, alongside Spanish rock band Hinds. They were also spotted posing at an American Museum of Natural History private party.

“If the band goes somewhere for a tour or anything else, Kaya goes with him,” an insider explained. His father, too, had abandoned his mother for a much younger woman.”

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