Jeff Mauro

Jeff Mauro Has Managed His Weight Loss Despite Being Around Food

Jeff Mauro, aka the Sandwich King, an American celebrity chef, appears to take his fitness as seriously as he does his food.

Despite being surrounded by food all the time, the chef has managed to shed weight and keep active.

Following a significant weight loss, he has become an example to many foodies who believe that their love of food impedes their fitness ambitions.

Let’s take a look at Chef Jeff’s transformation and fitness journey, which has enabled him to stay close to the kitchen while also becoming slim and athletic.

Jeff Mauro’s First Weight Loss Hints Were Back In 2013

While Jeff Mauro was never obese or fat, it’s reasonable to say that he had become rather pudgy during his time as the presenter of Sandwich King, which is kind of unavoidable for a guy who liked to put mac and cheese on his sandwich along with two-way bacon strips (Yummy!).

Many of his female fans adored the fat Jeff, but the winner of Food Network Star’s seventh season appeared to have decided early on that he did not want to be shopping in the big apparel area anytime soon (or ever). The first signs of his weight loss appeared in 2013 when he tweeted in response to a fan that he was less plump but just as cuddly.

Chef Jeff Goes All-In on Cross-Fit, Yoga, and Cycling

It must be difficult to refrain from the guilty pleasures of those exquisite extra carbs when you’re a top chef continuously surrounded by some of the best cooks and food in the world. As a result, we’re guessing you’ll have to work extra hard to meet your weight loss and fitness goals. According to the famous chef’s social media accounts, he has participated in a variety of fitness programs and worked with several fitness experts over the years.

For example, he revealed to The Food Network that he takes a one-hour Cross Fit workout at least three to four times every week.

Jeff Mauro with his Family
Jeff Mauro with his Family (Source: Distractify)

“My cousin suggested I try Cross Fit, and I was instantly hooked: you never perform the same workout circuit twice. Once you get past the fear factor, you can master the fundamental moves and get into it.”

He had also signed up for SoulCycle courses in 2017. In a September 2017 Instagram post, the chef can be seen joking around with his SoulCycle instructor Anthony. He already appears thinner in this photo than in prior years (like the one above).

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In addition, the co-host of The Kitchen does Yoga to keep his fitness goals energized. He had shared a selfie of himself with his wife and several lady friends following a Power Yoga Session in 2019. Amid the ladies’ yoga positions, he appears to be quite athletic as he performs an Aoki leap.

At the Strive Village, Jeff Mauro appears weary. “The best exercises for you are ones where you’re at your worst and you motor through it,” he wrote in a blog post. He’s putting in a lot of effort.

The Chef’s Efforts Have Paid off, as He Appears to be in Better Health Now

Jeff’s years of hard work have certainly paid off, as he appears much thinner and fitter now than he did in 2015. Then, in a photo taken at the 2015 Battle of the Burger in Chicago, the host of Sandwich King appeared extremely overweight, with his tummy slightly jutting out.

The 42-year-old chef looked a lot thinner compared to his 2015 shot as his fitness regimen evolved in the years leading up to Halloween 2020.


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The Mauro Family Has a Strong Interest in Fitness

Jeff Mauro’s passion for exercise (and, of course, food!) appears to have rubbed off on his son Lorenzo as well. Young Lorenzo, like his father, enjoys cheeseburgers but balances them out with Karate classes.

Lorenzo, like his father, enjoys a variety of fitness activities. Jeff occasionally posts images and videos of his son doing bodyweight and Cross-fit workouts, and he has also enrolled him in boxing. Lorenzo is shown in a social media post from roughly two years ago handing out some fairly solid combinations during his first day of boxing classes.

With papa bear and baby bear both on the go, you can bet mama bear is as well.

Sarah Mauro has always appeared to be in great shape, and she is frequently spotted working out with her husband.

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