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Is There Any Truth Regarding The Love Life Of Tracie Thoms And Rosario Dawson!

After starring in the 2005 film Rent, Tracie Thoms rose to fame in Hollywood. She costarred on-screen with Mimi Marquez, played by Rosario Dawson, as Joanne Jefferson.

They grew close during their time spent working together and have maintained their connection throughout the years. They are quite close, which gave rise to several suspicions regarding her love life.

Numerous rumors have circulated that they once dated and that Thoms is a lesbian or bisexual actress. However, is any of that accurate?

Has Rosario Dawson Ever Dated Tracie Thoms?

At first, the rumors of a possible romance between Thoms and Dawson were mild. But all went to crap in 2007 after a picture of the two that appeared intimate surfaced. Everyone began to believe that they were a real relationship.

On May 22, 2007, Rosario and Thoms went to the 60th Cannes Film Festival. When they first ran into each other at the event, they greeted and kissed. The cheeks were the target of the kiss. However, a poor camera perspective produced a photo where it appears as though they were attempting a kiss on the lips.

In October 2011, Thoms remarked, “When talking about this with Chattify, “Rosario was kissing me on the cheek and I was making a kissy face, so that photographer was in the ideal spot. However, the angle at which the photo was taken gives the impression that we are exchanging lipsy kisses.”

She was also uncomfortable with how she was perceived in the media as a result of the viral photo. “I’m not told if I’m straight or not. My sexual orientation is irrelevant to them “She spoke. She then reaffirmed that she was straight and criticized the media for making a big deal out of a misinterpreted image without fully understanding it.

Thoms effectively denied dating Dawson with this. But unlike the photograph, the interview was never widely circulated, and many sources continue to believe she was seeing Dawson romantically.

The roles she portrays in films and television continue to fuel lesbian allegations about her. She frequently portrays lesbian roles, which might contribute to the persisting ambiguity surrounding her sexual orientation.

Thoms, meanwhile, has no problem taking on such roles. She instead takes pride in it.

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Tracie Thoms – Is she married?

Thoms is not wed, as far as anyone on the internet is aware. Unless she is concealing something incredibly significant, nobody is aware that she has a husband. But over the years, she has had a few boyfriends. However, nothing popular. She has only mentioned the boyfriends she had in her earlier years.

She remembered her worst date with a then-prospective lover during the same Chattify session. Because of the guy’s attitude, their second date didn’t go well. He paid for the first date and felt like he had “done his part,” so she remembers having to pay for the supper (and his cab fare home). Thoms supported equality wholeheartedly, but the man went too far.

She suggested another partner in a talk with Tami Roman in May 2021. Back then, she was a Howard University student earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Being a business major, her partner was always being pursued by employers that wanted to hire him. He received numerous theater tickets, including those for the popular 1997–1998 production of Rent.

They watched Rent together as a result, and she developed feelings for the play. That was the official beginning of her relationship with Rent, which eventually resulted in her being cast as a character in the film.

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