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Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Ross Marquand Gay in Real Life?

Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead maintained a very discreet personal life. However, admirers can’t help but wonder if Marquand is gay as well. Here is what you need to know if you frequently ask yourself that question.

Despite the numerous speculations circulating, the multi-talented actor best known for his part on The Walking Dead has remained silent about his sexual orientation. Continue reading to learn more about Marquand’s romantic situation.

The actor who plays one half of The Walking Dead’s first gay pair is allegedly gay in real life. But there are no sources to support that because the actor has kept his private life so carefully secret. Ross Marquand, homosexual or straight, certainly has a terrific sense of humor, that much is undeniable.

The actor tweeted in 2013 that his “girlfriend” was amusing and that they were hanging out. When fans began to wonder who he was dating, Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie was revealed to be the person.

What took place in The Walking Dead season eight episode three?

Ross Marquand started his stint on The Walking Dead when he was cast as Aaron and swiftly rose to popularity. He was one of the first openly gay characters on the program, and Jordan Woods-Eric Robinson’s Raleigh served as his love interest. The pair from the episode met at an NGO and fell in love there.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead shattered our hearts when Eric was shot after helping each other battle the dead and the walkers. Despite the fact that the bullet passed through him, Aaron managed to save Eric by some trees before returning to the fray.

When he comes back, he discovers a bleeding tree trunk, Eric’s weapon, and to his dismay, a walker Eric meandering off in the direction of a nearby herd.

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Ross Marquand: Is He Gay?

As a voice actor, Ross Marquand has appeared in popular programs including Conan and Phineas and Ferb from Disney. He is a talented impersonator who can pass for actors like Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, and even Matthew McConaughey.

Marquand has remained silent regarding his romantic status, hence there is little information available. Ross Marquand’s sexual orientation has not been confirmed, but we do know that he is a talented actor.

Ross Marquand’s Instagram account is also of no use because it only contains images related to the show and little information about his potential mates. However, there are numerous images of her with Tom Payne, letting fans know that their friendship is still going strong!

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