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Is Robert Ri’chard the father of Neal McDonough? The Resemblance Is Uncanny

In terms of face structures, American actor Robert Ri’chard resembles actor Neal McDonough uncannily.  His eyes and smile are so similar to McDonough’s that he is thought to be linked to him as a father and son.

Their claimed romance is understandable given their 17-year age difference: Ri’chard is 38 years old, while McDonough is 55.

Are the two actors, however, linked by blood? If not, who is the biological father of Robert Ri’chard? And who is the son of Neal McDonough? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about them.

Robert Ri’chard and Neal McDonough are not related by blood.

Ri’chard’s resemblance to McDonough sparked speculation that he was McDonough’s son; however, the rumors turned out to be just that. Unfortunately, the fact that Richard and Neal McDonough have similar appearances does not mean they are related.

Even when it comes to their families, the actors have little in common. His wife, Ruve McDonough, and their five children, Clover Elizabeth, London Jane, Catherine Maggie, Morgan Patrick, and James Hamilton, make up the Walking Tall actor’s family of seven.

Richard, on the other hand, lives with his family, which includes his father, Jack Ri’chard, mother, Beverly Ri’chard, and brother, Brandon Ri’chard.

Robert Ri'chard and Neal McDonough are not related by blood.
Neal McDonough and Robert Ri’chard are not blood relatives.

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Robert Ri’chard’s Father: Who Is He?

Former basketball player Jack Ri’chard is the biological father of the Los Angeles native.

The One on One star keeps a low profile when it comes to his father, rarely speaking about him. Nonetheless, in a Father’s Day message [since deleted] on Instagram in June 2018, he stated that his father was the most influential person in his life.

He expressed his feelings for his father in the message. He thanked him for loving him and for being a role model for him. He also mentioned that his father had influenced him to be confident in his choices.

His whole caption was as follows:

“My greatest influence in my life has been my father. Dad I LOVE YOU!!! You were the BEST dad ever, and my brother and i cant thank you enough for being a strong example of a man of God!! I confidently stand on the principles you grounded in me, and they affect every decision i make as i go through life.”

The actor maintains a similar level of secrecy when it comes to his mother, Beverly Ri’chard, to the point that his photo with her was only viewable on his brother’s private Instagram account.


Robert Ri’chard’s Grandfather inspired him to help others

Richard is an important member of his community. Whenever he returns to his homeland, Los Angeles’ Skid Row, he gathers all of his neighbors and donates clothing to them.

HighwayFit, an on-the-go workout program aimed at getting regular people fit and healthy, was also developed by the actor. He organizes several events and connects with Atlanta University Center Consortium students through HighwayFit (AUCC).

He joined the Not Alone Foundation (NAF), a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and preventing kidney disease, in February 2020.

Richard, on the other hand, did not come up with the idea of assisting others on his own; he was inspired by his grandfather.

He mentioned that he received a terrific piece of wisdom from his grandfather as a child before winning the Diamond Award at the 6th annual Diamond Awards on February 29, 2020. He added that his grandfather taught him to “give much, ask little, and inspire all” when he was growing up.

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