Eric Stonestreet

Is Modern Family’s Actor Eric Stonestreet Single? All You Need To Know About His Relationship Status!

Eric Stonestreet, an American actor, did an excellent job playing a gay character. As a result, it was difficult to see him marrying a woman. But that appears to have changed now that he’s showcasing his new girlfriend!

The Kansas City native is best known for his role as Cameron on ABC’s Modern Family comedy series. Cameron, played by gay American actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is the other half of a stereotypical and well-loved gay pair, Cameron & Mitchell, and their on-screen connection is unreal.

In the program, the two actors’ characters represent a traditional gay family, and they also adopt a cute but notorious baby girl named Lily, who is played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, a child actor who has been growing up with the show’s evolution.

On May 16, 2018, ABC’s longest-running sitcom concluded its ninth season and was renewed for a 10-season of adventure.

Eric Stonestreet’s Age, Bio, Acting, Family

Eric Stonestreet, 46, was born on September 9, 1941, to parents Jamey Anne and Vincent Anthony Stonestreet. As a child, Eric wanted to be a clown named Fizbo. On Modern Family, the multiple award-winning actors had the opportunity to play a clown with the same name regularly.

Eric has achieved great success as an actor, but he never forgets to show his love and affection for his family. It’s obvious how grateful he is for his family, from purchasing first-class tickets for his family while traveling to commemorating his parents’ 50th anniversary by having the Kansas State University marching band perform for them.

His acting career began during his tenure at Kansas State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1996. He appeared in various plays, including Prelude to a Kiss, and also had minor roles in All My Sons and Twelfth Night.

After coming to Chicago, he went to ImprovOlympic and The Second City Training Center to study improv. He eventually relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor.

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Eric Stonestreet is Gay for Pay! – Jesse T. Ferguson

The difficult job of an actor is to bring a fictional character to life. Some could argue, however, that bringing a gay fictional character to life is a more difficult task.

It didn’t seem difficult for Eric because his performances as a gay character have almost fooled the audience into thinking he’s gay in real life. Despite playing a gay character in his most prominent role, he defines himself as “openly straight” and heterosexual.

He is, however, an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community who refused to be photographed with Rick Santorum, a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Stonestreet’s character’s spouse Mitchell Pritchett, jokingly referred to Eric as “gay-for-pay” back in 2011, which was a compliment in and of itself due to his great homosexual portrayal on-screen!

Is Eric Stonestreet’s girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer his wife?

Although it’s difficult to see Eric marrying a woman, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make an excellent husband. With that stated, he has had several romances, including one with Katherine Tokarz, a former girlfriend and Broadway star (2010-2012).

As of 2018, it appears that the well-loved actor has settled down with his latest partner, Lindsay Schweitzer, a pediatric nurse. Since meeting during the 2017 Big Slick charity weekend in Kansas City, the two have been dating.

Ex-Bestfriend Wife’s Narvel Blackstock & Laura Stroud; Children Don’t Object. He is always parading his girlfriend on his social media pages, even though he does not usually chat about her. A wedding may not be out of the question for the two lovebirds, based on their current situation!

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