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Is Kayce Smith Dating Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz? She Has Denied The Rumors!

After accusations about him having an affair with “a popular New York City-based podcaster” spread online, sportscaster Kayce Smith was linked to former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz.

The rumors surfaced after his dismissal from Hillsong Church, allegedly for “moral failure,” and his admission that he had been unfaithful to his wife, Laura Lentz.

Kayce took to her blog to confront the uncontrollable gossip and to deny any immoral relations between her and Carl.

Kayce’s dating rumors began after she became friends with Lentz

Carl Lentz, a former pastor of Manhattan-based congregation Hillsong NYC, admitted to cheating on his wife in November 2020, sparking reports of Kayce and Carl dating. According to DailyMail, the incident occurred after he was seen having “a difficult conversation” with his 18-year-old wife in November 2020.

A gossip Instagram site called Deux Moi had previously claimed that he was dating a “famous New York-based podcaster who’s written tales about Lentz” in a post.

Kayce had recently been dragged into this: she was a member of Hillsong NYC, and she had written about Carl in her blogs and used his talks on her social media accounts. As a result of her friendship with Carl, many people assumed she was the rumored “podcaster.”

Redditors went on to conduct their research into the nature of their relationship. On Reddit, someone said, “Kayce has to be it, right? Isn’t she one of his parishioners?” “Yes and writes about him all of the time,” another Reddit user said.

The podcaster, on the other hand, was having none of it and took it upon herself to dispel the allegations.

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Through a blog post, she denied dating Carl

When reports that Kayce, 33, was dating the pastor began to circulate, she couldn’t help but respond in a blog post on the Barstool Sports website.

Kayce began her blog by stating that Carl was never her boyfriend and that their connection was strictly platonic. She made it obvious that their friendship was platonic and that not everyone would understand it. “In her own words,” she says “I get a lot of slack about my Hillsong affiliation and friendship with Carl Lentz, my pastor, and buddy. I don’t expect people to always grasp what it means to me, even though it means everything to me “she penned

With that, she asserted herself. The rest of the blog was devoted to the TV host’s thoughts on BLM’s significance and how she became a target of rumors simply by posting Carl’s four-year-old emotional outburst about BLM.

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“However, after I shared Carl’s passionate BLM outburst on my social platforms, I had SO many people – black, white, Christians, non-believers – reach out to me about how powerful this 1:24 minute film was to them,” she wrote.

“As a result, I’ve chosen to post it here as well. You don’t have to be religious to understand what he’s saying in this 2016 video. It’s the most reasoned response to “Black Lives Matter” I’ve ever seen from a white person.”

It’s not unheard of for someone as gorgeous as Kayce to be the center of attention in the media because of her dating life. However, it appears that this entire affair has had a greater impact on her than a typical dating rumor. Following the reaction, she made her Instagram account private and, according to The Sun, unfollowed Carl on social media.

Kayce also addressed criticisms of her song ‘Not Being Barstool Enough’

Many people condemned her in 2019 for being unsuited for her new job at Barstool Sports, and she was labeled “not Barstool Enough.” She worked as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports and appeared on NBC Sports’ Boston Sports Tonight before joining Barstool Sports in 2018. Her most well-known previous job was hosting The Kayce Smith Show, her radio show.

Many people were offended when she switched from network shows to Barstool, a website that centered most of its material on frank commentary. As a result, Barstool fans struggled to accept a network reporter as a new hire. On Reddit, one fan even said she wasn’t funny enough and didn’t have much to contribute.

To be honest, she doesn’t appear to have much to offer. I’ve only heard her on the rundown a few times, so I don’t have a large sample size, but she doesn’t say anything particularly amusing. She also does not appear to be on the same page as the president. She’s just uninteresting.

Kayce, on the other hand, responded to the comments in a Barstool Sports Facebook video. She stated that she never claimed to be a standup comedian and that she was just there because of her love and passion for sports, which she had previously stated.

She has “a passion for and an extensive expertise in sports talk radio,” according to her LinkedIn profile. Despite the unfavorable feedback, Kayce appears to have found her career home at Barstool. She has stated that she has never had this much freedom in her whole career, and her contract with Barstool Sports has been extended till 2020.

Kayce has come a long way since she started her sportscaster profession at the age of 24 as a radio host on the TexAgs station in 2012.

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