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Is Joan Jett Married? The Rock Star Has Never Hid Her Sexuality But No One Ever Noticed!

One of the most well-known female rock performers of her generation is Joan Jett. Since she was just 15 years old, the icon has been active. It’s nothing unusual for her to talk about her life in her music. But she doesn’t talk about everything, so for many years, people had to make assumptions about her personal life.

Rock fans and the general public have always been extremely curious about perceptions about her sexuality and her cryptic dating life.

Joan Jett: Is She Married?

Jett isn’t wed, no. Certainly not to the general public. Unless she’s hiding anything, she hasn’t yet had a spouse or wife. Jett has never really been the kind to talk about her love relationships in front of others. A large portion of her dating history is made up of unsubstantiated stories and hookups.

She had her first relationship in the late 1900s. An Emmy-winning musician and dialogue editor named Kira Roessler and Jett had become friends. She admitted to have slept with Jett in an interview with Alice Bag in 2015. She claimed in the interview that Joan Jett was/is the only woman she has ever had sex with. But that was the end of that.

The Runaways bandmate Cherie Currie was the subject of Jett’s subsequent liaison. In 1976, Jett and Currie allegedly “experimented” together, according to a 2010 Hitfix interview. When Lita Ford stated in her memoir, Living Like A Runaway, published in 2016, that she had once left the band after learning that all but one band member were attracted to women, this was somewhat confirmed.

Jett and Cherie were among them; they were “always together ‘in a romantic way’.” She penned, “I learned that Cherie was flirting with Joan. I left the band because I was so alarmed.” Neither of them appear to have gotten anything lasting out of this brief relationship.

In the middle of the 2000s, she had her third well publicized romance (if you can even call these that). This time, it was Jett and American actress and model Carmen Electra. After one of Electra’s gigs in Los Angeles in November 2006, reports surfaced that Jett had been packing on the PDA. After Electra starred in Jett’s song video in May of that same year, they reportedly started dating.

There were a few rumors that suggested Jett had intended to travel to California in March 2007 with her alleged girlfriend in order to attend the Dinah Shore Weekend, widely known as the “lesbian prom.” Other reports from the same month, meanwhile, stated they had broken off their engagement. Some sources claimed in August that they had dated for around a year before splitting up. Although they allegedly broke up, their relationship continued, as Electra supported her purported ex-girlfriend by attending a Jett concert as recently as March 2014.

Other stories about Jett’s love life include relationships with Chuck Zito, John Lydon, Billy Idol, Dee Dee Ramone, Pleasant Gehman, Tom Petersson, and Danny Bonaduce. However, there is no proof that any of those relationships ever materialized.

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Joan Jett: Is she a lesbian?

Jett has never publicly expressed her sexuality in any other context besides her romantic life. People have questioned if she is lesbian or bisexual ever since she first came into the public eye. She has never confirmed these reports, though.

She urged people to “assume away” in a 1994 interview with Out Magazine, refusing to assign herself any labels. She said, “I’m saying believe what you want. When questioned in 2006 about her sexual orientation, she responded, “On whatever level, I never disclosed anything about my personal life. I never declared anything.”

However, in 2018, when a New York Times interviewer questioned her about her sexuality and the fact that she had never publicly come out, she pointed to her necklace, which was inscribed with “Two labryses, or axes, crossing each other, inside of two women’s symbols crossing each other,” and a tattoo of a similar design on her lower back.

She retaliated angrily, “I don’t know how much more you can announce,” but she also didn’t want to let people feel like they had succeeded in getting to her.

She declared, “I’m not going to be told how to live or how I can be myself. The more you press me to say it, the more I will refrain from doing so.

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