Jennifer Hudson

Is Jennifer Hudson Dating Anyone? Find Out About Her Personal Life Here!

Just before the turn of the century, Jennifer Hudson began dating in the public eye. Her first romance in the public was in 1999.

The EGOT recipient has only had one proven long-term relationship since then, despite several reports to the contrary. Here are some reports concerning Hudson’s recent love life and how her family has been after she split from her ex-fiance.

Jennifer Hudson is now dating?

Nobody is aware. When it comes to her love life, Hudson has always kept her options open. But during the past couple of years, there have been some whispers regarding who she might be dating. When this topic is brought up, two names immediately spring to mind.

Marlon Wayans, who is her co-star in the Aretha Franklin movie Respect, would be the first. Franklin was portrayed by Hudson, and Ted White, her husband, was portrayed by Wayans. When videos and images of their rehearsals and on-set activities began to circulate online, relationship rumors about them began. They were terrific together both in character and out, and others noted that they had incredible chemistry.

As soon as the two started doing interviews together after the filming and before the advertising, many started speculating that they were actually dating. They discussed how wonderful they were as both their personas and as people to work with.

Wayans frequently gushed about Hudson in interviews, describing how he would send her to a spa and other methods to help her unwind after exhausting workdays. Additionally, he compared kissing her in the film to kissing a cloud and classified it as one of the nicest kisses he had ever experienced.

Additionally, he sarcastically confessed in one of his interviews of being attracted to her voice. And in one of his Instagram postings where she is posing next to a poster of his HBO Max comedy special, You Know What It Is, he even called her “boo.”

Hudson was as unafraid to acknowledge Wayans’ actions toward her. She claimed that he insisted on cooking for her rather than her aides, brought her chocolates on the set since he knew she adored them, and took her on pampering excursions. Despite this, none of them has publicly mentioned the other in a while, and since the movie’s promotion has ended, neither has shared a public appearance together. Maybe people were only dreaming about their connection.

Will.I.Am was a second man Hudson was connected to. Three years or so had passed before she was connected to Wayans. Early in 2017, Hudson and Will.I.Am made an appearance as judges on The Voice UK. According to the stories at the time, they reportedly met on the sets and started a casual relationship.

Then, in January 2018, more allegations emerged suggesting that their casual connection had a significant probability of turning serious.

Since neither of them acknowledged it, this rumor also died down quickly.

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Family and previous relationships of Jennifer Hudson

James Peyton was Hudson’s first love interest. When they first began dating in 1999, she was only 18 years old. After their romance came to an end in 2007, Hudson moved on with another man within a year.

She was wooed by David Otunga, a WWE wrestler with a Harvard Law degree, and they started dating. In September 2008, they even got married. Son David Otunga Jr., Hudson and Olunga’s first and only child, was born on August 10, 2009.

Although they were engaged, Hudson repeatedly stated in numerous interviews that she was not eager to get married. However, their relationship ended before any major wedding plans could be made.

Things only got worse after the ex-separation couple’s in November 2017. After media outlets obtained her plea for a protective order against Otunga, their breakup became public.

She filed the order after she claimed that he had intimidated and harassed her. The following January, the courts cleared his name, although it was believed they were engaged in a custody dispute over their kid. Although the details of their custody dispute are unknown, David Jr. appears to spend a lot of time with his mother. He frequently appears on her Instagram.

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