Is Conan Gray Bi? Find Out About Her Sexuality Here!

Conan Gray

The first studio album by former YouTuber turned artist Conan Gray, titled Kid Krow, was released in March 2020. Gray began his YouTube career when he was nine years old. His most often published vlogs focused on his life in Georgetown, Texas. Additionally, he shared song covers on the channel, which helped his music become known all over the world.

Over 300 million people have streamed Sunset Season, his debut EP for Republic Records. Maniac, his breakthrough song, received over 100 million streams and received an Australian Platinum certification.

Conan said that people should stop trying to define his sexuality as gay and rejected the label

Conan’s sexuality came under discussion as he rose to the status of global megastar. Fans and interviewers have often probed Gray about his sexual orientation, but he deftly sidesteps the inquiries.

He, however, rejected the term of “gay” and said that people had to stop attempting to categorize his sexuality. Conan posted on Twitter, “Y’all are so obnoxious all y’all ever want to do is throw a label on me just let me fuckin live what the fuck.”

Gray is adamant about keeping his sexuality a secret. In his songs, he discusses his romantic relationships, but he takes care to avoid pronouns that would indicate which gender he is referring to. Gray wants people to stop limiting him to a particular sexuality and start appreciating his music. On Twitter, he stated:

The fucking deal is this. I support labels for sexuality, gender, beliefs, and other wonderful things if they benefit you. U do u. But I get upset when you attempt to fit everyone else into a tidy, simple-to-understand box. Stop! Please! Stop! Fuck it!

Conan’s most recent music video, Heather, describes his battle to present himself flawlessly to a high school flame who didn’t reciprocate his love

Conan admitted to Billboard in January 2019 that he had a bad love life and hadn’t even gotten his first kiss. He assured his followers that his upcoming album in 2020 would spill all of his secrets, and it didn’t let them down.

He describes a couple of best friends who, out of fear of their friends’ responses, kept their emotions for one another a secret in The Story. Conan swears revenge in Checkmate on two lovers who dumped him so they might date one another. Conan is shown in the song’s music video attempting to hold onto a boy and girl who are in love.

Conan’s love life is perhaps most openly discussed in Heather. He just recently unveiled the music video for the song, which discusses his efforts to imitate Heather, a girl who was the love of his high school crush. Gray admitted to VMan that he had a four-year crush on someone who only had eyes for Heather. The song’s music video saw Conan trying to imitate Heather in an effort to win over his crush. He stated:

“Anything to have the person I loved love me back. To choose anything as their first option. The gradual transition that occurs throughout the movie is meant to symbolize the feminine and masculine characteristics that I alternated between to become the person I knew my crush would adore. someone supple and charming. Someone similar to Heather

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Around the time he recorded a song about heartbreak, Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo were said to be dating

Since the publication of her album Drivers License, Olivia Rodrigo’s private life has come under considerable media scrutiny. Olivia made headlines once more, this time due to a suspected romance with Conan Gray, after fending off speculations about a relationship with co-star Joshua Bassett.

Two songs from Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of Fearless were leaked by Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray in early April 2021, one day before the album’s official release. Fans claimed that Olivia and Gray appeared to be dating in the two videos they recorded together.

The focus turned from Taylor’s music to a prospective Conan and Olivia romance. When Rodrigo revealed to Capital that Conan was a friend of hers and that the man who creates most of his music also creates most of mine, she quickly put a stop to the rumors. We are simply friends, and I believe he is incredibly smart.

Conan’s song Astronomy, which is about gradual heartbreak, was released a month later. He discussed the song’s message with Coupdemain magazine:

“‘Astronomy’ is about a gradual, agonizing, and frequently denial-inducing process of growing apart from someone,” the author said. That instant when you suddenly look at someone you’ve loved for years and realize you don’t know them anymore. that you currently live on two different planets. I believe the worst heartbreaks develop gradually. No one is to blame, and there is no explanation. That is the most painful.

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