Chaz Bono

Is Chaz Bono Dating Shara Blue After His Split with Jennifer Elia?

Many people’s gender transformations have been documented, but none have been as dramatic as Chaz Bono’s. Bono, who was born a girl, stunned the world when he turned into a man in his late forties.

Chaz Bono: Age, Parents, Education

Bono was born Chastity Sun Bono on March 4, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Sonny Bono and Cher are his parents. He went to New York University to study law.

He is now known for his classic writing abilities. He was also the main singer in a band and began acting at a young age in the film Chastity. He currently operates Chaz Bono, which he founded.

Bono has worked for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation as the Entertainment Media Director (GLAAD).

His Gender Reassignment

Bono noticed he was different from other youngsters when he was 13 years old. He told his parents about his sexuality five years later, and they embraced him without hesitation. He originally came out as a lesbian. He had gender reassignment surgery to change from a girl to a guy after his 40th birthday in March 2009.

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He was also granted permission to change his gender and name by a California court. As a result, on May 6, 2010, he legally became a man.

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After Transformation, he was separated from his fiancée

The writer was in a relationship with Jennifer Elia, a private teacher, long before the gender transition. Their relationship started in 1999, and they were living together as partners at the time. Even when he underwent gender reassignment surgery, his partner was constantly at his side and supported him.

The pair moved up their romance and got engaged after over a decade of being together in a healthy relationship. In December 2011, he did, however, announce his separation from his fiancée. Bono disclosed in a tweet that they had agreed to part ways amicably and that they had no grudges against one another.

Thank you for being concerned about our split. I’m OK, and we’re still on good terms, with nothing but admiration and affection for one another. Chaz struggled to move on from such a tragic incident, and he repeatedly failed to find a new love. His irritated words could be heard, as he believed he repulsed ladies more than he drew them in to be his companion.

Is Chaz Bono married or unmarried?

The writer is still single, although he is dating Shara Blue, an actress-turned-charity worker. She is divorced and the mother of a kid named Cooper.

The couple originally met in the spring of 2017 and began dating soon after. Blue posted a photo of them kissing passionately on May 15, 2017. She wrote in the photo’s description, “Affection and love. My very first crush!”

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