Is CaptainSparklez Dating Someone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Jordan Maron is a well-known American YouTuber, musician, gamer, and Twitch broadcaster best known for going by the online alias CaptainSparklez. On his YouTube and Twitch accounts, he is primarily known for streaming the well-known game Minecraft. Additionally, he has collaborated with a number of well-known musicians, including Sean Paul and The Chainsmokers.

CaptainSparklez has a penchant for cars and bodybuilding in addition to his professional vocation. Jordan appears overly focused on his games and overextended while speaking about his personal life. He has, however, previously made reference of having a girlfriend in The Sims.

But outside of the game, has the YouTuber found love? Let’s discuss about CaptainSparklez’s girlfriend and his YouTube career in this article.

Who Is the Girlfriend of CaptainSparklez?

Jordan tweeted in 2014 that he had a girlfriend and that their first date had been heated. But he didn’t take long to tell his followers that it was in The Sims. The first line of the tweet pleased his followers, but they quickly realized how short-lived their excitement was.

Even several of his female followers offered to be CaptainSparklez’s partner in real life in their comments. But none of them received a response from the popular YouTuber. After eight years, it appears that the YouTuber is still unmarried. CaptainSparklez is not interested in romantic relationships, despite being a social media celebrity with over 847K Instagram followers. It’s interesting that CaptainSparklez’s girlfriend or romantic relationships have not been the subject of rumors or headlines. The YouTuber has never discussed his relationship or partner in public.

Jordan released a new girlfriend reveal video on his CaptainSparklez2 YouTube channel in February 2021. But he did so again, this time referring to a fictional character by the name of Abigal as his lover.

Nevertheless, let’s hope CaptainSparklez soon finds his ideal partner outside of video games and the fictional universe.

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YouTube Career of CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez’s girlfriend is still a mystery, but it’s no knowledge that Jordan started his YouTube career after quitting college. To pursue a degree in chemical engineering, he proceeded to the University of California, Santa Barbara. But in his first year, he changed his major from engineering to computer science. CaptainSparklez made the decision to leave school in his sophomore year in order to devote himself entirely to YouTube.

Jordan officially launched ProsDONTtalkSH*T (PDTS), his first YouTube channel, on February 9, 2010. He first posted gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. As his channel gained popularity over time, he established CaptainSparklez as a companion channel. The YouTuber quickly became well-known.

Maron currently has eleven YouTube accounts in total. Only four of them are operational, though. Over 11 million people subscribe to CaptainSparklez, his main YouTube channel. He also frequently uploads gaming-related content on his YouTube account. Jordan has a response and fitness YouTube channel in addition to gaming. He is a dedicated gym freak, as was already reported.

Additionally, PewDiePie, SkyDoesMinecraft, and TobyGames are just a few of the notable YouTubers with whom CaptainSparklez has worked. His YouTube channel is ranked 156th in the US and 66th among gaming channels. Consequently, CaptainSparklez’s net worth must also be significant.

He owns a few businesses in addition to YouTube and is an investor. Jordan appears to be quite busy with his career. Perhaps this explains why he hasn’t found a partner yet. Nevertheless, we wish him luck in his job and anticipate meeting CaptainSparklez’s love interest soon.

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