Bretman Rock

Is Bretman Rock Single? Here’s All You Need To Know About His Relationship Status!

Bretman Rock has been candid about his personal life, which is recognized for his colorful personality and uncompromising authenticity. He is so open about his present relationship status — he is very much single — that he has no qualms about expressing it.

However, the social media influencer was formerly in a relationship with a lover who he kept hidden from his audience.

Bretman Rock is currently single

Currently, the Filipina-American beauty influencer is unattached. On February 27, 2021, he jokingly tweeted about his single status.

He wrote, “Y’all can call me just Bret for now,” claiming that he didn’t have a boyfriend.

The social media personality hasn’t discussed finding a new partner or starting a new relationship since the announcement. He has also made no mention of his dating life on social media. Having said that, he was once openly courting an unknown man.

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Bretman Rock’s Past Relationships

Rock was dating an unknown man in 2020, even though he is now single. In February 2020, he posted on Twitter that he has disclosed pretty much everything about his life to the public, from high school to personal difficulties.

However, when it came to his personal life, he stated that he would prefer to keep things private. He also asked that people respect his decision. On the same day, he stated in another Twitter post that his ex-boyfriend didn’t have any social media accounts. He appeared to be irritated that the couple’s privacy was being violated.

Furthermore, in April 2020, he sent out another angry tweet. The post reassured his followers that they would not be able to identify his spouse online and warned them not to trust “detective losers” who make assumptions.

The identity of Bretman Rock’s ex-boyfriend is unknown

On his social media accounts, Rock would frequently talk about his ex-girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day 2020, he tweeted a heartfelt message. His partner did his makeup in a YouTube video he posted on his channel.

The boyfriend’s face, on the other hand, was never in the frame, thus his identity has remained a mystery to this day. Although Rock pulled down the video itself, his tweet about it is still available online.

There were a few more tweets with his ex-boyfriend, but none of them had his face.

Bretman Rock has called it quits

The joy was short-lived, as Rock broke the news of their breakup on Twitter. “Girl, I got something to tell y’all…” he stated in his first tweet.

A second tweet followed, in which he made an unusual request to his followers.

Fans were encouraged to listen to Big Sean’s sixth suggested song on Spotify, according to the comic.

‘Single Again’ was the song in question. That was certainly a novel way to break up with someone!

But, before making the split official, Rock hinted at it by recording a vlog with the subject “Get ready for a Zoom date with me!”

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