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Inside The Relationship Status Of Aishah Hasnie – Is The FOX Reporter Married?

Aishah Hasnie, one of the most admired and well-known anchors, is now employed by Fox News. Even though she has been silent about her love connections, her social media fans are anxious to learn more about the guy in her life.

Hasnie, on the other hand, has made it clear in one of her recent Instagram posts that she wants to be the lady of her dreams, not the man of her dreams. And today, she is working at the Fox, something she has always wanted to do.

Is Aishah Hasnie Married? Hasnie Responded to Husband Rumors

Hasnie, the intelligent Pakistani beauty, appears to have fans who are curious about her personal life. When Hasnie posted a picture of herself with a guy on Twitter in 2014, someone wondered if the guy in the picture was her ‘husband or side piece.’

Hasnie retorted sarcastically, saying that he is what she refers to as a “Saturday.”

Let’s get started!!! We’re en route to Lucas Oil Raceway! @c2cimports @FOX59SJONES @Race4TimeOrg — Aishah Hasnie (@aishahhasnie), @aishahhasnie, @aishahhasnie, @aishahhasni 19th of July, 2014

As a result, the rumors that she was married or dating the person were put to rest.

On closer scrutiny, the man in the photo is none other than her Fox59 colleague Scott Jones, with whom she was planning to attend an event for Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health.
Hasnie appears to be preoccupied with her career and rarely discusses her personal life, notably her romances.

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Working with Fox has been a ‘dream come true

Aishah Hasnie is a well-liked Fox personality. She began her career at Fox as an investigative reporter for Fox 59 in 2011. She brought us a lot of good news and reports. Her investigative work on a voyeurism loophole was essential in spurring lawmakers to alter Indiana’s law. For her report, she won an Emmy Award.

Hasnie left Fox59 after more than seven years to work as an overnight anchor and news correspondent for Fox News in New York. She wrote an emotional statement to her followers on Instagram, announcing that she will be leaving in February 2019.

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She is currently employed at Fox & Friends First, a news and talk show. In an Instagram post, Hasnie expressed her delight in working with Fox. She wrote in the article that working at Fox has been a dream come true for her and that everyone there has treated her like family.

Everyone wants to know what it’s like to work at @foxnews and to be honest, it’s been a dream… Everyone here is like family and has been so warm and friendly to me, assisting me in acclimating to this crazy large city (New York)!

Aishah Hasnie is single and her father is ‘The Best Man’ in her life

A father is one of the most essential people in a daughter’s life, aside from her mother. The same can be said for Hasnie. On Father’s Day, June 21, 2020, she said that her father is the best man she knows and her hero in an Instagram post.

She has also stated that her father has made numerous sacrifices for her and that he is the most important guy in her life. Hasnie holds her father in high regard, as she was moved to Indiana from Lahore, Pakistan, where she was born.

Aishah Hasnie appears to be dedicated to her job as a FOX journalist. She hasn’t mentioned getting married or dating anyone in public. On the sets of Fox News Channel, Hasnie may be seen displaying her anchoring talents.

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