Alex Clark

Inside The Relationship Of YouTuber Alex Clark And His Wife!

Alex Clark, a YouTube video maker, comedian, former street performer, and animator living in Los Angeles, is an American YouTube content creator, comedian, former street performer, and animator. Clark’s YouTube channel, It’s Alex Clark, has over 4 million subscribers and growing.

Clark, who was born on February 1, 1985, is not, however, alone in his quest for internet fame and money. Pam, his wife, is by his side to support and adore him. In turn, he dedicates his animated stories to Pam, detailing the start of their romance and their journey as a pair.

The married couple’s closeness has only grown deeper with each passing moment, with each story reading out like wonderfully penned love notes.

The Evolution of Alex and Wife From Best Friends to Life Partners

Alex Clark and Pam Clark have been blissfully married since late October 2019. They met for the first time during their freshman year in college. Because they were in the same class, they rapidly became acquainted and became closest friends. As their love grew, they decided to make it a lifelong commitment, which they later turned into marriage.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Clark and Pam have maintained an internet presence. Clark has even made an animated series on how he met his wife while they were both in college and how they ended up together.

Clark himself narrates the series How I Met My Cute Wife, which tells the narrative of how he and his wife met. He also routinely releases animated shorts about his wife and himself, explaining various stories and occurrences.

Alex Clark’s Professional Path from Street Corner to Internet Star

Clark was a street performer before launching his web business. He received comedic and juggling training from Cirque du Soleil and the Groundlings. He went on to perform on street corners all around the world, often combining his juggling performance with a dash of humour.

Following that, on December 2, 2009, he launched his internet career with the launch of his YouTube channel. His early YouTube videos consisted of a jumble of parodies, comedies, and news clips. He did, however, decide to go into his now-iconic cartoons in December 2012.

This shift occurred shortly after the contents of Swoozie, one of the first YouTube animators, revived his early interest for animation. Currently, his channel focuses on animation showing many aspects of his life, as well as documentaries on his road travels and other shows. In his “Vlogtoons” series, he also uploads animated vlogs about his daily life.

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Clark’s Contributions and Partnerships with His Wife

Alex Clark has had a successful comedic career as well as an internet career. He was also named the Hot Variety Act of 2014 by Campus Activities Magazine for his street performance during his early YouTube career.

In 2017, his YouTube channel received a nomination for the Streamy Award for best animation channel on YouTube. Alex Clark has also won the People’s Choice Award four times. Pamonsunset is Clark’s wife’s YouTube account, which she runs alongside Clark. As of November 2020, the channel has over 100k subscribers.

Her YouTube channel primarily consists of vlogs and reviews of various DIY make-up, home design, and food projects. She also frequently posts collaborative videos with her husband, Clark, in which they vlog and discuss numerous things relating to their personal lives, fun challenges, and even carrying out amusing pranks on him.

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