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Inside The Personal Life Of Mythbusters’ Tory Belleci – Is He Dating Co-Star Kari Byron? Find Out Here!

Tory Belleci and her stunning co-host partner, Kari Byron, are well-known to frequent viewers of the television show MythBusters. After a decade of working together on the show and developing a strong bond, rumors of them dating and staying together circulated in the media.

So, are they dating? And are you planning a wedding? Oh, wait! What about the rest of the girls?

Tory Bellici and Kari Bryon’s Relationship: Kari Is Enraged By Tory’s Gay Rumor

Due to their decade-long dual presentation at the MythBusters alongside fellow host Grant Imahara, Tory Bellici, a Christian, was frequently portrayed as the boyfriend of American television host Kari Bryon.

Though there were many suspicions about Tory and Kari’s connection, it was eventually revealed that the two were only good friends, since Kari married her long-time beau Paul Urich in 2006. Kari took a maternity sabbatical from the program after three years of marriage to give birth to her first child, Stella Ruby. Kari appears to be content in her role as a wife to her husband and mother to her adorable daughter.

Even though they are not dating, Tory and Kari appear to have a wonderful connection and are always there for each other. After leaving Mythbusters in 2014, the two even co-hosted a show called Thrill Factor and collaborated on several other ventures.

Furthermore, Tory was once reported to be gay due to his low-key nature, but his well-wisher, Kari, disputed the charges, calling them incorrect and even calling the notion very stupid and uneducated.

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Tory’s Suspected Girlfriend Dating Rumor

When it comes to Tory’s personal life, there aren’t many reports about him being married or having a future wife set up. Even though Tory has kept his love life a secret, we have discovered that he has been in a relationship in the past. Back in 2013, one of his Twitter posts revealed that he was dating Francesca Garigue, the MythBusters’ senior production coordinator.

He wished her supposed lover Francesca a Happy Birthday on September 20, 2013 and wrote her the three magical words I Love You. Francesca responded by quoting Tory as her sweetheart and saying that she loves him as well.

Tory and Francesca haven’t flaunted their love interest to each other on Twitter since 2014. The explanation may be the new girlfriend figure who joined his life the next year.

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Who is Tory’s new girlfriend?

Tory, who is a well-known model maker, appears to be busy working on new projects and earning money from his job, resulting in a net worth of $2 million. In his personal life, however, he may be looking forward to marrying a girlfriend.

He is not, and has never been, single. Following his breakup with rumored girlfriend Francesca, he reconnected with Erin B, a stunning woman. In February of 2015. We would not have known about the news if it hadn’t been for her Instagram posts.

The good news is that their love in 2018 is as vibrant as it was when they first met. Erin still posts with Troy on occasion, implying that they have been dating for years. After three years together, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of the couple marrying. Erin will be a dreamy wife for him.

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