Greg Mathis

Inside The Married Life And Children Of TV Host Greg Mathis And His Wife Linda Mathis!

Thanks to his courtroom show, Judge Mathis, Greg Mathis has held the record for being the longest-running African-American male host on television. The 23rd season of the Emmy-winning program is already complete, and season 24 is currently in the works.

With his wife, Linda Mathis, and his four children, the judge is now starting on a new journey for their new reality TV series, Mathis Family Matters. Fans have already seen a taste of Mathis’ life away from the courtroom thanks to the series, which debuted on E! on June 19, 2022.

Audiences can anticipate seeing a lot of humorous moments and laughing while significant subjects are being discussed, according to Mathis. He hoped that their play would leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The judge and his wife spoke openly to Ebony magazine before the start of the show about everything from parenting their kids to the new docuseries.

Greg Mathis Talks Openly About Raising His Kids

You would assume Mathis had his family in control as a judge who keeps things in order in court, but surprisingly, the reverse is true. He admitted to the magazine that he tried to be a strict parent and judge, but that his authority was undermined as he assisted in guiding his children through adulthood.

“My family always takes precedence over me, and I have no real power. My family often teases me for giving them unsolicited advice and treats me like a complete chump, as you’ll see on Mathis Family Matters,” the judge stated of his family.

But things weren’t always that way. When his children were younger, Mathis recalled, he was more of a severe enforcer of the law who set the rules with harsh penalties.
For their reality series, Greg Mathis is pictured with his wife and kids.

His wife would frequently strike a balance between his rigidity and independence. The judge said this balancing act worked effectively while they raised their children together because she would give their kids a break. Mathis recognized that when his children grew older, his severe parenting approach was put on the back burner. He now gives people the freedom to choose.

Additionally, they have no rules when it comes to their grandchildren. He allows them to do anything they want, along with his wife.

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Greg Mathis urged his teenage son to come out

Over the years, Mathis may have modified his parenting approach, but his support for his family has remained constant. Greg Mathis Jr. and Mathis explored his sexuality on the show Mathis Family Matters.

He disclosed his kid had kept his sexuality a secret from the public, his friends, and others during an interview with E! News.

The judge was unaware of it and believed that his son had come out to his family when he was 18 and was open about being gay.

For Mathis, finding out why his son concealed his sexuality was even more unexpected. Greg Jr. was concerned about people criticizing both his father and himself. When speaking about their on-screen interaction with his kid, Mathis remarked, “There are moments there that are quite emotional in the sense that I let him know that he needs to fight.” Mathis couldn’t wait for fans to see how the plot develops.

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