Lindy Ruff

Inside The Love Story Of Lindy Ruff And His Wife Gaye Ruff!

Born as Lindy The NHL’s New Jersey Devils are currently coached by Lindy Ruff and Cameron Ruff. He has previously coached the Dallas Stars and the Buffalo Sabres. One of the league’s most gifted coaches is Ruff. In addition, he has experience playing ice hockey and did so for almost 20 years.

After discussing the coach of the New Jersey Devils’ professional life in detail, let’s now examine his personal life. He has a couple kids and is a family man. He has been wed to Gaye Ruff for a number of years. So, who is the spouse of Lindy Ruff? In this essay, let’s learn more about her.

Married Since 1985

Due to her relationship with a well-known NHL coach, Gaye Ruff gained notoriety. Since 1985, the lovely couple has been wed. After over 40 years, the couple has raised a lovely six-person family. Additionally, Lethbridge, a city in the Canadian province of Alberta, is the hometown of Lindy Ruff’s wife.

The former athlete also competed for the Lethbridge Broncos in the WHL. He used to reside in Montana at the time, which is close to Lethbridge. He thus used to stay with Gaye’s family during his vacations. The couple has been together for a while and has a strong relationship. The secret to their long-lasting marriage must have been their intense love and care for one another.

The Ruff Family Enjoys a Summer Vacation in Montana

The Ruff family frequently travels to Montana’s Whitefish Lake. It turned into a place for them to escape, Gaye’s husband claimed in an interview with The Athletic. Their four kids like hanging out and fishing at the lake as well. Another well-liked pastime in the Ruff household is wakeboarding.

Gaye and her family appear to spend a lot of quality time together, despite the fact that everyone is busy with their own lives and commitments. They must also have a strong bond with one another.

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Is A Four-Teen Mother

Gaye and her husband have been together since the middle of the 1980s, as was previously established. They are blessed with four wonderful children in addition to a happy marriage. Brett Ruff, Eryn Ruff, and twins Madeleine and Brian Ruff are the offspring of Gaye and Lindy Ruff. They’re all adults now, so they must all be doing well.

Madeleine, the youngest child of the Ruffs, graduated in 2020 with a doctorate in Occupational Therapy/Therapist from Belmont University in Nashville. She also graduated from Boston University with a degree in behavior and health science.

In addition, a Buffalo hospital performed brain surgery on Madeleine Ruff, the daughter of Lindy Ruff, in March 2006. Her brain tumor was effectively removed during surgery by the specialists. The Belmont graduate is currently in good health and doing well.

Additionally, Brian Ruff, the son of Gaye and Lindy Ruff, was born on August 16, 1994, and has continued in his father’s footsteps. He was a member of the Buffalo Jr. Sabres ice hockey team. Brett, on the other hand, works as the Buffalo Sabres’ hockey administration coordinator. Eryn, the coach’s daughter, is however not well-known.

The Private Woman Who Is Lindy Ruff’s Wife

Gaye has managed to keep her life out of the spotlight despite her stardom. She seems to prefer to stay away from unneeded media attention. She also rarely uses any social media platforms, including Facebook. While on Twitter, Gaye Ruff’s husband is active but does not frequently post. The former has also withheld all information regarding her profession. Whatever the case, the devoted spouse must be happy with her life.

But Lindy Ruff’s spouse seemed to be leading a happy life with her family. She also supports the professional endeavors of her children. In the next days, hopefully, she will feel more at comfortable and divulge more information about her professional life.

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