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Inside The Gay Rumors Of Rick Steves From ‘Europe Awaits’ – Also Know His Bio, Gay Rumors, Children, Family, And More!

Rick Steves is best known for hosting Rick Steves’ Europe, a PBS travel documentary series that has aired for over a decade. He has also written several travel guides and hosts the Rick Steves Travel Show on public radio.

Steves has spent his entire life in the travel industry. His two grown children have even continued his legacy.

Gay allegations began to surface after his divorce from his wife

His wife was Anne Steves, a native of Barstow. He divorced his wife in 2010. Andy Steves, a boy, and Jackie Steves, a daughter, are Rick and his wife’s grown children.

Suspicions regarding his sexuality began to emerge when his marriage ended. In March 2017, he discussed gay travel in Europe on his Facebook page, reinforcing the charges.

It would be dishonest to conclude that he is gay purely based on his career achievements. After all, he is the proud father of two adult children.

Rick Steves’ Children Follow in His Footsteps

Andy, Rick’s son, spent his childhood traveling over Europe with his family. He stood there watching his father update guidebooks, produce TV shows, and plan outings. Andy followed in his father’s footsteps and shared his father’s love of travel, which comes as no surprise.

He is now the founder of the travel company Weekend Student Adventures Europe. Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget” is the name of a book he wrote on his travels. He also has a podcast where he interviews close international friends who are also traveling entrepreneurs.

Since he was a child, traveling has been a source of revenue

Steves had a great urge to travel since he was a child. In a student-run non-credit program at the University of Washington, he even taught travel classes. He advanced his career in 1980 when he published Europe Through the Back Door, a general travel guide for Europe. He later opened a store in Edmonds, Washington, that included both piano lessons and a travel center.

Rick Steves’ Travels in Europe, which aired from 1991 to 1998, was the travel expert’s first television show. Rick Steves’ Europe was his second show, which debuted in 2000 and is now well-known. The show’s eleventh season ended in late 2020.

Travel with Rick Steves, Rick Steves’ weekly public radio show, launched in 2005 and is still going strong. He also wrote travel guides such as Europe 101: History and Art for Travelers and Travel as a Political Act.

Apart from publishing novels, Steves runs a travel firm that provides families with low-cost European trips.

He organizes excursions that include small groups, competent guides, central hotels, sightseeing, and lifelong experiences on his website. He also supplies vacation necessities such as planning maps, luggage, and guidebooks.

More Traveling Is Encouraged For Fans

While watching a Rick Steves show on PBS can be strangely calming, Rick has discovered a way to force people out of their comfort zones. His book, Travel as a Political Act, is currently in its third edition and encourages people, particularly Americans, to engage with the people they meet beyond tourist attractions.

There’s nothing quite like boarding a plane and going somewhere to meet people who have different ideas than you. Your ethnocentrism gets thrown for a loop. Many Americans, he revealed, spend their holidays at Disney theme parks or in Las Vegas. Then he exhorted his followers to satisfy their desire for truth.

After admitting that Americans had the world’s shortest vacations, Steves concluded the discussion by recommending people make the most of their time.

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Rick Steves’ book, ‘Europe Awaits’

Unfortunately, Steves had to pause his shows due to COVID. That is a difficult task in and of itself, given his roaming nature.

Shortly after the mass immunization programs, he was back on the radio with his new show Rick Steves Europe Awaits. In a June 9, 2021 interview with Vacation + Leisure, Steves said the new program featured a collection of European destinations that he thought would be great for post-COVID vacation.

“Places that take us off the beaten path,” he continued, “where we can connect with people, traditional lives, and excellent food without having to cope with the crowds that were horrible before COVID.”

We congratulate him on the launch of his new show and wish him well.

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