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How Did Straight Actor Samuel Larsen Approach The Famous Gay Romance Scene In ‘Glee’?

Before applying for the role of Joe Hart on Glee, Samuel Larsen never thought of himself as an actor. He received a lot of positive reviews for the role, both for his acting and musical abilities.

Like Larsen, Hart was a Christian. Larsen isn’t gay, in contrast to Hart. The actor found it difficult to balance his faith and work as a result. One of his parents expressed considerable unease about the portrayal. But everything turned out just fine.

On Playing a Gay Role on “Glee,” Samuel Larsen

He had already decided that he would not let his faith and career interfere with one another before he got cast on Glee. He was therefore delighted to learn that the Glee writers had taken his religion into account on the program.

In 2011, Larsen told TVLine, “I certainly never expected it would be a matter of inspiration or anything like that.” I was originally delighted to hear it, but it really startled me. Because of their religious beliefs, his parents were “a little dubious” about him entering the entertainment industry. He had also exercised caution.

Regarding how things turned out for him on the show, he stated, “I think this proves it’s not always working against you.” The Glee star’s parents were concerned about one additional thing in particular, and that was his role. Larsen had to play a same-sex relationship in the “Sexuality” episode because Hart was gay.

He acknowledged his role, saying, “My main worry was my mom’s reaction. He reassured her that it was “only a role,” though, and urged her to let it go.

Other than that, he was generally satisfied with the segment of the presentation. He knew Glee would discuss sexuality, so he didn’t mind playing a gay character.

He said, “I’m totally cool with that. “I’m not bothered by that in the least. With that, I’m totally at ease.”

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The dating history and previous relationships of Samuel Larsen

Larsen has never been very forthcoming about his real-life relationships. But according to the internet, he has had a number of girlfriends throughout the years.

He received a guest-starring role on Glee in 2012 after winning The Glee Project in August 2011. He watched the premiere episode despite his dislike of seeing himself on television. He admitted in a 2012 interview that he actually went to his parents’ house with his fiancée to watch the program. The celebration, he declared, “Was extremely beautiful.

He was said to be dating actress Scout Taylor-Compton at the time and even before the aforementioned interview. The internet is flooded with images of the couple from that year. It’s unclear, though, whether Larsen mentioned Taylor-Compton in the conversation.

He then ignited yet another relationship rumor in 2019. This time, he was working with Vanessa DuBasso, with whom he had previously collaborated on the “Blue Star” video. The rumored couple even posted numerous images of one another on Instagram and shared a few red carpet appearances. But as of right now, Larsen and DuBasso appear to have removed all but one of the posts from their social media accounts.

It’s unclear from these removals if they’ve broken up or are only trying to keep their relationship under wraps. In either case, Larsen’s love life is still a mystery.

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