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Katie Nolan and her comedian boyfriend Dan Soder have kept their facts private, avoiding any obvious clues that could reveal their relationship status. Thankfully, their only mention of one another in tweets and a special interview has allayed fans’ fears that they are still dating.

Appearances by Her Boyfriend on Her Shows


It’s reasonable to assume that Nolan and Soder became friends after meeting for a professional purpose. Since 2015, the Billions actor has been in several of Nolan’s series.

He appeared on Garbage Time With Katie Nolan on November 19, 2015, where the two talked about his fondness for Blaine Gabbert and pro wrestling. He joined the ESPN host on many episodes after that, including her podcast, Sports?

As the duo’s on-screen presence grew, their connection grew stronger off-screen. However, none of them has been public about their relationship, thus it is unclear when they began dating. Despite this, the Boston native has hinted at their blossoming friendship in a series of tweets.

She wrote in April 2020 that if she had to produce a quarantined couple podcast episode, she would talk about her first time seeing pro-wrestling matches. When a Twitterati responded he could bet she didn’t know much about wrestling, she said it wouldn’t be a problem because her boyfriend — evidently Soder — did.

Similarly, when Dunkin’ apparel products were announced for sale via a tweet on November 13, 2020, Nolan named her partner in the response and asked if he would buy them for Christmas. Dolan responded with a hilarious Santa Claus gif, as is his custom. Even though the couple never addressed to one other as boyfriend and girlfriend, viewers may easily guess about their budding romance.

“Is my favorite comedian dating my favorite sports gal?” one fan speculated about their relationship. Another follower responded that they had been dating for nearly a year.

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Soder Takes on the Dating Reports

Soder tackled the dating reports with Kevin Clancy on January 14, 2021. He admitted that having his and his partner’s dating news in the news was strange. Their romance was reported in several magazines, including Page Six.

People were more interested in his dating situation than his job, according to the stand-up comic. He stated that he has always preferred to keep his personal life out of the limelight and that he never uses people’s names in his comedic acts.

The Guy Code star also added that he felt fortunate to be in such an unusual circumstance with Nolan. He confirmed their relationship status and said that they met at work.
Soder then complimented his fiancée, adding she was a joy to be around and a wonderful person.

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