P Allen Smith

Here’s All You Need To Know About P. Allen Smith And His Personal Life – Is He Married?

P Allen Smith, a professional gardener and celebrity lifestyle guru, was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Smith appears to like his life in his enormous home in Arkansas, with a farm full of turkeys and chicks, two lovely pets, and all the local fruit he can grow.

But, for someone who is so open about his gardening, it’s surprising that Allen has kept his personal life so private, particularly his dating and probable marriage. He hasn’t revealed anything about his marriage or relationship. As a result, some fans believe he is secretly married to a wife, while others claim that he is gay.

Let’s see whether the rumors are correct!

Is P Allen Smith married or unmarried?

Smith, called the “Martha Stewart of the South,” is one of the more affluent residents in Arkansas, in the United States of America. Any woman would be blessed to have him as a partner, with photographs of flowers and mastery of household décor adorning his Instagram account.

There was even a rumor that he was married at one point. His interview with the New York Times in 2010 sparked the assumption. They featured a man named Yingling Dewitt in the lengthy essay, who gave his ideas on the illustrious gardener, which were misinterpreted.

“‘Allen comes across as someone we could relate to,’ said Yingling Dewitt, who follows Mr. Smith’s national public television series with his wife, Debbie…” according to the report.

Although the ‘wife’ referenced in the article is Yingling Dewitt’s husband, the myth that Debbie was Allen’s wife quickly spread. The story, however, was incorrect, and Allen is not married to Debbie. Allen has never mentioned having a wife in public or on social media.

Allen did not post anything about his wife or partner on Valentine’s Day. Instead, he demonstrated his enthusiasm for gardening by posting a piece on melons! Although we don’t know anything about Smith’s wife or marital status, we do know that he treats his pets like family. Angel and Lucky are his two Scottish Terrier dogs.

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Is P Allen Smith a homosexual?

After reports of him having a wife faded, Allen was once again the subject of LGBT allegations. Because Allen had not announced his relationship status, rumors about his romantic orientation began to circulate.

To make matters worse, he has never denied or accepted that he is gay. This might also be because he maintains himself distant from the rumors.

Mountain Farm House

While some people want to know more about Smith’s relationship, the majority want to see inside his home. He is currently residing on Moss Mountain Farm, a sprawling 650-acre farm estate.

The house is built to perfection, with views of the Arkansas River from every back window. Furthermore, the Greek revival style structure is environmentally friendly, featuring plants in every room. Allen is a farmer who lives on a large farm with animals and plenty of fresh, healthy crops. His contemporary residence with vintage furnishings reflects his status as an award-winning designer.

Putting his personal life aside, Allen appears to be doing very well in his job, as he is busy with his programs, public speaking engagements, and even book publishing. His gardening and lifestyle advice can currently be obtained on his official YouTube channel.

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