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Here’s All You Need To Know About NHL Player Braden Holtby’s Wife – Brandi Bodnar!

At the 2017 NHL Awards, we first met Brandi Bodnar, the spouse of NHL star Braden Holtby. Bodnar detracted from her husband’s attention, leading the Internet to crown them the night’s best couple. With the help of Brandi Bodnar’s wiki, we shine a light on the goaltender for the Washington Capitals’ beautiful wife.

The largest cheerleader for Holtby

Long before Braden Holtby’s ice hockey career started, he and Brandi Bodnar were friends. Like her leading man, she is a Canadian. And on July 6, 2013, after several years of dating, they became husband and wife.

Their son, Benjamin Hunter Holtby, was born in 2012, and Bodnar did so in a quite spectacular way. When Bodnar, who was three months pregnant, turned to Twitter, Holtby was preoccupied with the game against the New York Rangers.

I love you babe, but these games are becoming too demanding for your extremely pregnant fiancee #contractions #preggyproblems, she tweeted. The timing of little Benjamin Holtby’s birth couldn’t have been better. He was thankfully born on a day Holtby had off. But soon after the birth of his baby, he was back on the ice.

2014 saw the birth of their daughter Belle Scarlett Holtby

While Holtby makes an effort to balance his personal and career lives, Bodnar is a full-time stay-at-home parent. She takes care of her kids while maintaining a low profile in society. When he’s not playing hockey, Holtby makes sure to spend time with his wife and children.

But Bodnar manages to juggle being a hockey player’s wife and parenting her children. She attends practically all of her husband’s sporting events. The Holtby family currently resides in Washington, D.C., due to Holtby’s employment there.

Bodnar and the kids visit parks or take part in neighborhood events to catch up with their friends and kids throughout the NHL season. Through the preschool program, “we’ve connected with some wonderful families, and the kids have lots of playdates that keep them when I’m on the road with the team,” said Holtby.

An Interest in Hockey

Both Holtby and Bodnar have a reputation for being extremely quiet and inactive on social media. Bodnar’s Instagram is secret, and her Facebook page has been inactive since 2017. She does, however, tweet a lot.

She keeps quiet so her hubby may take center stage. She won’t, however, pass up the chance to support her spouse in his sporting events. And he only brings her along to all red carpet events. (Even though she inadvertently steals the show!)

Bodnar enjoys playing ice hockey for more reasons than just the fact that she is married to one of the NHL’s top goalies. Her Twitter history reveals how much she enjoys the game—possibly even more than her spouse.

Most recently, during the Stanley Cup Finals, she had her kids dress up in full Washington Capitals garb to demonstrate their support for the team. Nathan Walker tore his ACL when he was just beginning his NHL career, according to She Has an NHL Pro House Sitter. Walker needed a place to stay when the Capitals asked him to rehab in Washington. On his current salary, though, he was unable to pay the rent for an apartment.

When the young player arrived, Holtby and his wife invited him inside their house. The Holtby family has become close to Walker since that time.

He house-sat for us before returning. Now, my son won’t let him go. He’s thus enlisted each year,” Holtby recalled. When Walker had a training camp in the city, he even went back to the Holtby home. His favorite children are those of Braden Holtby and Brandi Bodnar.

Walker gushed, “I like playing with the youngsters. “It’s enjoyable. They have some really nice toys that bring back childhood memories for me. Additionally, Walker assisted around the house by making tea for Bodnar, preparing delectable meals, and watching the kids.

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She desires to change things

As if they weren’t already #CoupleGoals, Holtby and Bodnar both have a strong desire to advocate for their causes. Bodnar has endorsed the Human Rights Campaign and its efforts on her own. She is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights. Bodnar and her husband have participated in the annual D.C. Pride Parade for two years running.Holtby serves as the organization’s representative in its campaign to end homophobia in sports.

“I come from a different place, I guess, where it’s not as much of an issue, but it still is,” he remarked at the 2017 D.C. Pride Parade. It’s how my wife and I have always raised our families, and we merely support equality and people’s right to live their lives as they see fit. These kinds of things are modest methods to demonstrate that.

Holtby and his wife have been a conspicuous presence at the parade. We anticipate seeing this couple in the annual Pride Parade on June 9 this year. Bodnar takes an active role in promoting causes that are important to him. She has retweeted worries about children’s safety in light of the recent shootings and supports gun control. She also took part in the March for Our Lives campaign in support of this cause.

To collect money for You Can Play, Bodnar even organized an auction including baskets filled with Holtby’s favorite goods and merchandise.

Brandi Bodnar joined the other Capitals to promote pet adoption because she is an animal activist as well.

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