Matt Carriker

Here’s All You Need To Know About Matt Carriker Including His Bio, Family, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Children, And More!

Matt Carriker, an American YouTuber who was obsessed with weapons and destruction, was a very down-to-earth family man who lived a serene and delightfully banal existence with his wife and three children.

The Texas native is well known among YouTube fans for his DemolitionRanch gun-themed YouTube channel. Vet Ranch and a vlog called OffTheRanch are two of his lesser-known channels.

Matt’s most popular channel is DemolitionRanch, but in recent months, he appears to have turned his concentration to OffTheRanch, with three or four new films per week.

Bio, Age of Matt Carriker

Matt was born in Texas on October 21, 1986, and attended Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He earned his veterinary degree in 2008 and his veterinary license in 2012.

Matt created his own YouTube channel, the DemolitionRanch, a few years after graduating from college, where he talked about guns and gun-related topics. With over 6 million subscribers and 800 million views, the channel is immensely popular.

Aside from DemolitionRanch, Matt runs two other YouTube channels: Vet Ranch, where he uses his professional talents as a veterinarian to treat pets, and OffTheRanch, a vlogging channel where Matt discusses personal experiences.

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Matt has a net worth of over $ 1.8 million because of his three YouTube channels’ profits

Matt is preparing to make his big-screen debut following his YouTube stardom. In the zombie apocalyptic film Strain 100, he will have a big secondary part. Matt and his wife have been married for ten years and have three children.

Matt is a fairly down-to-earth family person, despite his love for weapons and demolition. He has been married to Meredith Carriker for ten years and has three children, Addy, Annie, and Lincoln.

Matt’s wife is a marathon runner who is also a devout Christian and a caring wife and mother. San Antonio is where the family calls home.

Matt and Meredith were only 22 years old when they married, but they are still as close as they were the day they married at the age of 32; their link is still intact.

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