Jason Hawk

Here’s All You Need To Know About Jason Hawk’s Personal Life Including His Tattoos, Family, Cancer Diagnosis, And More!

Jason Hawk has been living in the remotest reaches of the Ozark mountains, a location defined by harsh temperatures, since becoming famous for his unusual nature of ignoring the modern world and its comforts and technology.

Jason is a quiet, reserved individual who makes an outstanding businessman. His commercial enterprise, ‘Outlaw Forge Works,’ includes an entire line of knives made by him. The bladesmith is passionate about advertising his knife company on social media, yet he rarely uses it.

Jason is a quiet, reserved man

Jason Hawk, a Native American descendent, has always been fascinated by the mystique of nature, which has led to him mastering survival skills, with knife-making being his favorite. At the age of 15, his deft hands made him the youngest person ever to obtain a hunting license!

Jason’s knife-making abilities can be credited to his father, whom he idolized and who was instrumental in developing his abilities. From knife-making to fabrication and welding, as well as living in the most isolated parts of the Ozark highlands, the formerly unknown man basked in the spotlight after History Channel featured him in a reality show!

He spends his time honing his knife-making abilities as an iconoclast! His marriage to herbalist Mary saw the couple relocate from Arizona to the wilds of the Ozarks, where they faced numerous hardships.

Jason has a son named Kai and a daughter named River. In the event of an emergency, the Hawks have returned to civilization temporarily, but have immediately returned to their mountain hideaways once the situation has been resolved.

A shift in fortune

Jason Hawk is a household name today, thanks to his roles in No Man’s Land and Mountain Men, a popular award-winning series that chronicled his life to the nth degree. His natural abilities, as well as his decision to live in the bush, have sparked widespread interest in his life and facial tattoo, as well as a great deal of admiration.

Many people consider the creative curve that runs behind his eyes, including the bridge of his nose, to be a work of art! The Native American survivalist who chooses to remain silent when it comes to early life and age has been unaffected by the different conclusions.

Jason seems to have the same obsession with nature as he does with it. His abilities continue to develop, whether in the wilds of the Ozarks or the farmlands of Japan. Fame and money have come easy to this man who avoids all of the modern world’s conveniences.

His noteworthy abilities earned him the title of ‘Master Smith,’ an honor conferred upon him by none other than Tai Goo, the Founder of the Neo Tribal Metalsmith, the world-renowned knife-making legend.

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Continued Family Tradition

Jason’s son Kai appears to have inherited his father’s talent, as evidenced by his sincerity in Season 8 of Mountain Men. Kai’s mother and early years are unknown, as is his father’s, but the small youngster has already taken after his father.

Jason’s priorities in life are his family and ancestral customs. Jason Hawk’s net worth is currently believed to be north of $500,000, which has little bearing on him.

Forging knives, small machines, and technical equipment is his livelihood. His admiration for nature deepens every day. And, like himself, the tale behind his tattoos is a mystery!

Diagnosis of Cancer

Hawks was diagnosed with cancer in late 2020. He and his wife set up a GoFundMe account to help cover all of the medical costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment. The following is an excerpt from the fundraiser: “Jason went to the doctor after a year of working through the pain. A malignant tumor was discovered after months of thorough testing. Cancer has progressed, but it has not spread.”

The doctors prescribed six weeks of rigorous chemotherapy plus five days of radiation per week, followed by four to five months of harsher treatment.

Hawk would undergo surgery if the treatment was successful in decreasing the tumor, according to his wife, and they could resume their knife business after he recovered. Hawks has unfortunately left Mountain Men due to the diagnosis.

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