James Fay

Here’s All You Need To Know About James “Bobo” Fay’s Cancer Rumors After Sudden Weight Loss!

When James “Bobo” Fay endured an unexpected and frightening weight loss in 2016, he made headlines. His sudden weight reduction was accompanied by a shaved head, which appeared to be the result of hair loss.

Many of his admirers and followers were concerned about the rapid change in his weight and hair, and wondered if he had cancer. Through a Facebook post, Bigfoot Finding Bigfoot thankfully addressed the myths and cleared all doubts and questions.

Dietary Control Led to Weight Loss

Finding Bigfoot watchers had grown accustomed to seeing Fay in his fat, slightly overweight form and long, shoulder-length hair. His hulking persona was distinct in its own right.

So it was only reasonable for his fans to be concerned when he appeared on screen with a new look — drastically decreased weight and a shaved head. He looked so different that he was practically unrecognizable. Many others wondered if he had cancer and had lost his hair due to chemotherapies. The abrupt change, however, was not due to any health issues. In a Facebook post dated January 15, 2017, the television personality responded to his fans’ questions.

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The TV celebrity claimed that he had been asked if he was going through cancer due to his weight reduction, but that the weight loss had nothing to do with his health problems. He clarified that he shed so much weight as a result of his diet adjustment. He had given up soda, candy, pizza, and baked goods in exchange for four to six days of exercise per week.

While the post stated that his weight loss was not due to illness but rather his choice, he followed up the next day with another status to clear up any confusion caused by his shaven head.

After being agitated by his long hair blowing in the wind, he stated that the shaving was simply a haircut. He further said that, despite flying through four major airports, just one person could recognize him after his friend Tin Tin helped him shave it.

He also remarked at the end of the message that it was strange but nonetheless good to go unnoticed in public. Research is still ongoing. Bigfoot, sometimes known as Sasquatch, is a creature that Fay has always been fascinated by, even after ‘Finding Bigfoot’ ended.

He had a burning desire to learn more about the monster since he was a child. As a result, he began looking into Bigfoot sightings in far-flung parts of the country when he was a teenager.

He even took up road-building and commercial fishing jobs in Northern California to gain a feel for the area. When he claimed to see a sasquatch in 2001 during an inquiry with seasoned Bigfoot researcher John Freitas, his ambition to find the beast was strengthened.

In 2011, he appeared on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot

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He kept researching throughout the show till it was canceled in 2018. Following the broadcast, he began commercial fishing in Eureka, California, and took any job that might provide him with information regarding the creature and its sightings.

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