Galina Becker

Here’s All You Need To Know About Galina Becker Including His Bio, Age, Parents, Family, Daughter, Ethnicity, Roman Reigns, And More!

Galina met a hunky player in college and fell in love with him. Unlike many other instances in which a college romance ends in a split due to the couples’ changing locations and careers, this one survived all of the problems, which occurred throughout their time together.

One of the most heartbreaking ones just struck the duo. Are Galina and her spouse going to make it?

Galina Becker is an American former athlete and fitness model. She used to be a sprinter and a long jumper in sports, and her fit body helped her make a smooth transition to modeling.

Despite a great modeling career, she is currently only recognized by her husband’s bio. She is currently married to Leati Joseph Anoa» I, better known by his ring moniker “Roman Reigns,” of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Parents, Ethnicity, Age, Height, and Sisters of Galina Becker

Galina Becker was born in the United States on March 11, 1987. She is an American national with Afro-American ancestry, having grown up in a mixed-race family. Her parents Kevin and Mildred Becker, as well as her two older sisters Molisa and Undine Becker, raised her in San Francisco.

Galina Becker is a 30-year-old woman who is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She studied management at Georgia Tech University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

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Galina’s Athlete Career and Transition to Modeling

Galina Becker has been interested in track and field since she was a child. She was a three-year letter winner in track at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, California. During her sophomore and junior years, she also won regional crowns.

She continued to compete in track and field at Georgia Tech, and during the 2005-2006 season, she ran 14.92 in the 100-meter high hurdles at the Georgia Tech Invitational. Galina became a well-known fitness model after completing her education and having her first kid, owing to her athletic background. Her adjustment was rather smooth, thanks to her athlete days when she had great height and body measurements.

She worked for several modeling agencies and served as a brand ambassador for several clothing companies. Her net worth is reported to be $700,000, while her husband, Roman Reigns, is a millionaire. He has a net worth of $9 million as a result of his WWE exploits.

In 2008, Galina and her ‘WWE’ Superstar Boyfriend Roman Reigns welcomed their first child

Galina and Roman’s story is nothing short of a fairytale. Galina aspired to be an athlete, while Roman aspired to be a professional footballer, and the two met in college while still pursuing their aspirations.

Roman was a student at Georgia Tech at the same time as her, studying management and playing football for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. They started dating and were soon almost inseparable.

Galina Becker Bio: Ethnicity, Age, Roman Reigns, Parents To Twin & Daughter

Joelle Anoa’i, their daughter, was born on December 14, 2008, after she became pregnant. After two years of marriage, twins with husband Roman Reigns

Galina and Anoa» I got engaged on February 26, 2012, four years after welcoming their first kid. In December 2014, they married at Disney’s Castaway Cay, two years after they first met. The event took place on The Walt Disney Company’s private island in the Bahamas. Their wedding song was ‘A Whole New World’ from ‘Aladdin,’ in keeping with the theme. The couple welcomed twin boys into the world in 2016.

They are still going strong in both their professional and personal lives after ten years together and four years of marriage. Unless there is a twist in the story, they should be together for many years and live happily ever after.

Can Galina and Roman Survive The Return Of Roman Reign’s Leukemia?

Among all the twists and turns that may occur, the one that struck Galina and Roman was the worst: blood cancer. Roman revealed in October 2018 that he has been battling leukemia (a type of blood cancer) for 11 years and that the deadly disease had reared its ugly head once more.

He had to put his professional wrestling career on hold and relinquish his three-time World Heavyweight Championship and one-time World Universal Championship, which he was holding at the time of the announcement.

But the lethal condition will have an impact on his wedded life in addition to his professional absence. The entire family of five will be put to the test, and getting over the other side may be challenging.

However, there is a silver lining: Galina and Roman have already battled the sickness and triumphed. Now all that remains is to hope that they will be able to replicate the feat.

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