Ryan Kwanten

Here’s All You Need To Know About Australian Actor Ryan Kwanten Including is Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Wife, Gay Rumors, And More!

Ryan Kwanten, an Australian actor, previously showed no signs of ever dating anyone again, let alone having a beautiful wife and a home. With the addition of LGBT rumors, one of Hollywood’s most valuable assets was on the verge of becoming a bachelor.

The 41-year-old Australian is most known for his role in True Blood as Jason Stackhouse. He has amassed a sizable internet following because of his dazzling beauty and strong features. On Instagram, he has over 110k followers as of July 2018.

He is now starring in The Oath, a crime drama web series.

Ryan Kwanten’s Career: He Made the Transition From Actor to Hollywood Star

Ryan began his acting career on TV shows like A Country Practice, Hey Dad…!, and Spellbinder before landing a regular role on the Australian soap series Home and Away in 1997. In 2002, he quit the show and relocated to the United States in the hopes of making it big in Hollywood.

In 2004, he received a key role in Summerland as the character Jay Robertson. More parts would soon follow, including Flicka (2006) and Dead Silence (2008). (2007). In the same hearing, he was cast to portray Jason Stackhouse in the hit adolescent vampire series True Blood, and he earned the role of a US Marine accused of raping and murdering in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Units.

According to Wikipedia, he has appeared in over 25 films and has had over 18 television roles.

Returning to Television After Hollywood

The actor, who went to Hollywood 16 years ago following a successful television career, is looking forward to returning to the small screen in Seth Larney’s ‘2067,’ which will be released in 2019.

Even though Kwanten is now acting in and serving as one of the producers of The Oath, a crime drama in which he plays Steve Hammond, the Ravens gang’s leader, he wants to try something new, and Seth Larney’s ‘2067’ is the right suit for him.

He previously collaborated with Nicolas Cage on Kill Chain, a thriller from Millennium Media and CineTel Films about unscrupulous crooks, gangsters, cops, and an ex-mercenary. For the time being, Kwanten appears to be solely focused on his television career, since he anticipates working with Sen, Seth Larney’s ‘2067’ director, in Loveland next year. He will appear alongside Hugo Weaving in the TV series.

So, old-school Ryan fans, mark your calendars because he’ll be back with a bang in Seth Larney’s ‘2067.’

Get to know Ryan better!

Ryan’s middle name is Christian, and he was born on November 28, 1976. In Sydney, Australia, he was born to a Dutch father, Eddie, and an Australian mother, Kris. Mitchell and Lloyd, his two brothers, are musicians and doctors, respectively. The actor/comedian attended St. Paul’s Catholic College in New South Wales before getting a degree in commerce from the University of Sydney.

In True Blood, there is a famous gay scene

In True Blood, the 41-year-old Australian ex-pat plays the gay character Jason Stackhouse. Recognizing the show’s large gay audience, he and his co-stars lobbied for a gay sex scene between Jason and Alexander. The now-famous sex scene debuted in the show’s penultimate season’s second episode.

Lloyd, Ryan’s brother, is an out homosexual doctor. In 2016, he told reporters about his brother, saying: Lloyd was probably around 18 when he came out, and I can assure you that he was a changed man for the better from the moment he did.

The True Blood star, on the other hand, has never come out as gay. Since 2013, he’s been dating actress Ashley Sino.

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Ashley, his girlfriend, restored his faith in love, Wife-To-Be?

Ryan dated actress/fashion model Taylor Cole for two years between 2006 and 2008 before meeting Ashley. The couple was quite invested in each other, according to reports, and they were on the verge of becoming husband and wife at one time.

He was supposed to be dating Whitney Duncan, an American country singer, in 2010. However, neither partner in a romance declined to react to the reports, resulting in their relationship fading to hearsay.

His breakup with Taylor had a significant emotional impact on him, as indicated by his 2010 interview with USA Today, in which he claimed to have focused only on his job.

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