Andrea Tantaros

Here’s All You Need To Know About Andrea Tantaros Including Her Career, Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Net Worth, And More!

Andrea Tantaros has had to defend herself against two lawsuits brought by former workers. The lawsuits, one from 2013 and the other from 2016, have had a significant impact on the former FOX News host’s career, particularly his finances and net worth.

Andrea Tantaros’ Legal Cases Affecting Her Income And Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2019, the American political commentator has a net worth of $3.5 million and made $800,000 each year. Keep in mind that these are not the most recent numbers and are not from an official financial source.

Nonetheless, the litigation we’ll be discussing has had a considerable influence on her net worth. Let’s take a look at the lawsuits she’s filed and how they’ve impacted the conservative commentator’s fortune and career over time.

Talk Radio Network is being sued for breach of contract

Andrea Tantaros sued her radio employer, Talk Radio Network (TRN), in October 2013, claiming breach of contract and fraud, according to The Wrap. The lawsuit stated that the corporation failed to honor the pledges it made to the infamous journalist during the contract agreement in December 2012, as well as claims for payment of “many” unpaid salaries.

The network was accused of making deceptive assertions to get people to sign a contract with them, according to the legal action. They allegedly lied to Andrea about offering Laura Ingraham’s time.

Then there’s the financial side of things. According to The Wrap, they agreed to pay a fixed compensation of $300,000 plus an undisclosed percentage of TRN’s overall earnings on top of that during the contract agreement. They had also promised to spend millions of dollars marketing her show to the approximately 300 local radio stations with which TRN had syndication agreements.

Almost none of this, however, came to fruition. TRN and its CEO Mark Masters were already involved in another legal battle with one of its largest syndicators, which was not revealed to the plaintiff when the contract was signed. This hampered their income-generating, resulting in the former Outnumbered co-host being denied his proper salary.

FOX Network Files a Lawsuit Against Sexual Harassment

Tantaros, who joined FOX in 2010 and quickly rose through the ranks after being chosen as one of the hosts of The Five a year later, was accused of sexual harassment within the corporation. As a result, the host launched a lawsuit against the network in August of 2016.

“Fox News masquerades as a supporter of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it functions like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-type cult, entrenched in intimidation, obscenity, and misogyny,” according to the suit, as reported by the New York Times.

Tantaros accused Roger Ailes, the former chairman and CEO of Fox News, and a few other Fox News employees of acting inappropriately toward her. One of them entailed not allowing the TV journalist to wear slacks to work and instead of forcing her to wear gowns that exposed her legs.

Furthermore, according to the New York Times, Ailes brought Tantaros into his office in August, December, and February of 2014, and allegedly made sexual comments and approaches. She turned down his approaches all three times, and this became the beginning of the end for the once-famous host’s tenure at FOX.

The journalist was then replaced as the host of The Five, which aired at 5 p.m., with a lower-rated show called Outnumbered, which ran at midday instead. FOX allegedly offered Tantaros an amount “in the seven figures” on the condition that she drop the lawsuit against the offenders, according to Tantaros’ lawyer Judd Burstein. Tantaros, on the other hand, turned down the offer.

The former host of The Five’s initial and revised cases were then dismissed by the court in May 2018, according to AP. Tantaros had turned to Section 7515 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules of New York after spending more than a million dollars on the action with no obvious progress, according to The Hollywood Reporter in July 2019. She intended to exploit the #MeToo statute to avoid forced arbitration with FOX and prosecute the network.

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Andrea Tantaros, Where Is She Now?

As of now, no one knows where the former newscaster is. Andrea has remained out of the spotlight since her lawsuits against FOX were filed.

Her social media profiles, which have been idle since 2016, are evidence of this. The journalist’s most recent Facebook post came on November 18, 2016. Similarly, she did not post anything on her Instagram or Twitter accounts after November 13, 2016.

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