Malki Means King

Here Are Some Facts You Need To Know About TikTok Hip-Hop Star – Malki Means King!

The newest social media celebrity, Malki Means King, has elevated flexing to a whole new level. His TikTok and Instagram fans are cringing and laughing at his diamond grill, blinged-out shades, gilded crown, and layers of chains. Nevertheless, his fans are curious about Samuel Malki, the guy behind the popular hip-hop singer.

They are more interested in finding out if Malki Means King actually is as wealthy as he claims to be. Here, we make Malki Means King’s identity known.

Race of Malki Means King

He is from Oakland, California, where he was born on January 28, 1986 as Samuel Malki. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Malki was raised.

Malki has a mixed ancestry that includes Lebanese, Italian, and Welsh origins. His stage moniker, “Malki,” is derived from his family name, which in Arabic means “King.”

The Career of Malki Means King

The musician from Berkeley started making songs around 2005. He describes himself as a self-taught rapper, producer, cameraman, and hip-hop musician.

He claims that “you can always know when it’s a Malki tune” on his official website. Even in a crowded room, you can recognize his voice because it is so distinctive. His approach centers on having fun and being upbeat. You probably missed the point if you hear one of his songs and don’t grin or chuckle.

In 2017, he became famous for his song “Mansion.” He won the rap competition #Beats2Bars on the New York radio station Hot 97 in 2020. His Instagram and TikTok videos, however, have always been his main sources of fame. Either Malki’s fans find his flexing amusing and engaging, or they like to claim that his pricey accoutrements are fake.

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Malki Means King’s Net Worth

Malki flaunts a variety of trinkets, including his iced-out dentures, flashy sunglasses, garish crown, and wads of cash. His net wealth, however, is unknown. Social media users don’t even think his ice and money are real.

What is certain is that he makes a lot of money on social media thanks to his amusing actions. He has agreements with sponsors because he has a respectable fan base. He is well-liked on TikTok, where he currently has over four million followers. He typically makes between $2,000 and $4,000 for each sponsored article.

His 76K Instagram followers might appear modest in comparison. On the platform, he nevertheless makes an estimated $300.00 for each sponsored post.

His wealth is also increased by product sales and music streaming. But details about his profits are hard to come by. Lisa Atwan and Samuel Malki, the spouse of Malki Means King, were wed on January 7, 2011. She frequently appears on his social media, and his followers refer to her as Little Lisa.

Christopher Ghanem, Lisa’s brother, passed away in 2020. Before a severe cardiac problem rendered him permanently incapacitated and ultimately killed him, he was employed as a San Francisco sheriff’s deputy.

Ghanem’s medical bills were paid for by Lisa’s earnings and disability payments. Lisa created a GoFundMe page to collect funds for his funeral costs after he passed away. Samuel Malki has also appealed to the public for financial support for Lisa’s family on social media using his notoriety.

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