Oschino Vasquez

Here Are Some Facts You Need To Know About Rapper Oschino Vasquez!

Rappers Oschino and Freeway, who lost their sons in separate accidents, are mourned throughout the hip-hop scene in Philadelphia. Soon after one of the most challenging times in his life, Oschino Vasquez, also known as Oschino, welcomed his son. Sadly, his son was just 19 when he went suddenly.

One of the key figures in Philly’s rap culture and the author of numerous successful songs for Roc-A-Fella records is Oschino. His difficult upbringing and ascent to hip-hop prominence are described in this Oschino Vasquez wiki.

Early Years of Oschino Vasquez

Oschino, a resident of West Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, was given the name Omar Alwan on August 2, 1978. He then adopted the name “Oschino Vasquez” and is best known by this moniker.

Oschino’s real name, according to some websites, is Kenneth Johnson. However, Omillio Sparks, a fellow State Property member and lifelong friend, goes by that name. Since high school, Sparks and Oschino had been close friends. They served as the foundation of the rap collectives they belonged to.

Omar Alwan was charged with murdering a man in a road-rage incident when he was a member of the rap group Inner City Hustlers. When the witness later changed their story in 2000, Alwan, who was 22 at the time, was exonerated of all charges.

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Career of Oschino Vasquez

Rappers like Freeway and Omillio Sparks were connected to the Inner City Hustlers and State Property through Omar Alwan, who later changed his name to Oschino. He would eventually stop performing with State Property and start working alone.

Vasquez is recognized for his work as a producer and songwriter for songs including “North Philly,” “Been Through It All,” and “Do It For the Homies,” in addition to his mixtape series Appetizer. Kanye West’s music was also written by him.

There were allegations of a conflict between Oschino and the other State Property artists at the time of his departure, notably that the Philadelphia rapper did not want to be a boss. But Oschino has consistently shown that he is still close with Sparks and the other State Property members.

Vasquez’s Oschino Vasquez’s son and daughter were born. When the rapper was on trial for murder, he gave birth to Omar Alwan Jr. Vasquez claimed in a recent post that while he was incarcerated, his son’s mother was inconsolable. However, he promised her that he would be released in time to be with their son.

Omar Alwan Jr. was born on May 5, 2001, following Vasquez’s acquittal. The young Alwan has a two-month-old daughter and was also wanting to be a rapper. On October 24, 2020, Omar Alwan Jr. perished in an accident. The accident’s specifics are still a mystery. Just days before his own son died in a separate tragedy, rapper Freeway was comforting Vasquez.

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