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Frank Bollok

Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé have occasionally pondered the relationship between Darcey Silva and her ex-husband, Frank Bollok. The TLC show’s focus on Darcey’s search for love served as the single mother’s springboard to success. 

And now that she has her own program, Darcey and Stacey, she is steadily increasing her fame as an actor, fashion designer, and businesswoman. When they see Darcey, viewers occasionally muse, “What happened to her old partner, Frank Bollok?” So, is he still a part of Silva’s and her children’s lives?

How did he initially come into contact with Darcey? How did they come to be friends? Has Darcey moved on after they split up? Learn everything about Frank Bollok in the article that follows.

Frank Bollok, it seems, was a bright child

Bollok is said to have a Hungarian heritage. He attended the Science High School in the Bronx. Some people believe he is smarter than average. This is because Bronx Science is one of the best specialized public schools in NYC and is notoriously difficult to get into.

Frank Bollok graduated from Hunter’s College in New York with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and sciences. Frank graduated from Hunter’s College in New York with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and sciences. However, Silva’s ex spouse had given up on his dreams of becoming a musician for an unspecified reason.

Frank Bollok Once Rapped

He first gained notoriety in 2010 when he showed up in the YouTube trailer for his ex-and wife’s her sister’s program The Twin Life. He apparently also performs as Ruse, a semi-pro rapper. In reality, he collaborated with Frank Lucas Jr. to record The Twin Life music for Darcey and Stacey.

Frank was almost a reality television sensation alongside Darcey Silva, yet he may not be interested in appearing on Darcey & Stacey right now.

He began working in sales at Bob’s Discount Furniture in August 2013. According to LinkedIn, Bollok is currently a store manager for Bob’s Furniture. Darcey Silva’s ex-husband worked as a salesman for the real estate firm Douglas Elliman.

In addition, he shares ownership of The Twilight Lodge in Haines Falls.

In New York, Frank ,et his ex-wife, Darcey Silva

The Twin Life was almost a reality program that Frank and Darcey were almost in together, along with Darcey’s sister Stacey Silva. A pilot was also filmed by the two. Silva frequently referred to Frank as a “aspiring rapper” during their marriage.

Frank Bollok and Darcey Silva, his ex-wife, are the parents of two girls. Aniko and Aspen are their names. For eight years, Frank Bolok and Darcey Silva were wed. They have two daughters together. The two fell in love in New York. Author: TLC

Frank Bollok and Darcey Silva, his ex-wife, are the parents of two girls. Aniko and Aspen are their names. In Season 2 of Darcey and Stacey, one of Bollok’s children made an appearance alongside her mother.

What Caused the Divorce of Frank Bollok and Darcy Silva?

The rapper/businessman and Darcey were divorced after eight years of marriage. In May 2010, Frank was the one who initiated the divorce process.

Darcey, Bollok’s ex-girlfriend, asserts that her divorce from him was not motivated by resentment or any staged events. She insisted that their connection was simply evolving over time.

When discussing her connection with the father of her daughters, she said,

“We just felt like we were growing apart and looking for our soulmates.”

The reality actress from Connecticut also stated that her relationship with her ex-husband is cordial and courteous, with a primary focus on parenting their two daughters, Aniko and Aspen.

“I get along well and with respect with the father of my daughters. I will always be appreciative of my girls, Aniko and Aspen. We are fortunate to have them.

said the TV actress, age 47. The daughters of the ex-couple are shared equally in their custody. Frank also agrees to Darcey taking their daughters out of state under the additional condition.

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Following their divorce from Silva, Frank and Kristell Mapelli

Bollok married Kristell Mapelli on December 21, 2018, and the two welcomed a kid in 2020 after divorcing his ex-wife, Silva. In Quintana Roo, Mexico, a beachside villa hosted their lavish wedding.

Bollok wed Kristell Mapelli on April 20, 2019, following their divorce from his ex-wife Silva, and the couple welcomed a kid in 2020. At Quintana Roo, Mexico, they were married in a beachside mansion. The pair divided their time between Schenectady and Albany, both in the state of New York.

Aniko and Aspen, Frank’s daughters with his ex-wife, periodically pop up on the couple’s social media.

Darcey, the ex-girlfriend of Bollok, has recently been involved in some controversy with Georgi Rusev, her most recent love interest. Although Darcey and Georgi are currently no longer together, there are some indications that they still may be.

How Much Money Is Frank Bollok Worth?

Frank Bollok’s current net worth and the assets he has amassed throughout his career are unknown. Despite the fact that some close to him claim he is quite wealthy. And his sometimes ostentatious and opulent social media posts appear to confirm this. Additionally, according to certain accounts, he makes huge gains using the cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB).

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